Class information

Welcome to Year 1
Mrs Rebecca Olive (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Mrs Fleur McPherson (Thursdays and Fridays)
Year 1 Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Addey and Mrs Averre and
Mrs Stone
PE Days: Tuesdays and Fridays
 Beside The Sea Side
This half term, we are learning about our Cornish Coastline and its Geographical features. We will find out how seaside holidays have changed since Victorian times by researching photos, video clips and books. We will make direct comparisons when we visit Gyllynvase Beach, Falmouth.  We look forward to sharing our work with you during our Open Afternoon. For more information about the learning that will take place this half term, see the overview below.
Read Write Inc Set 2 and Set 3 Speed Sounds flash cards
Previous topics:
This half term, we are learning about what a map is and how it can be used to find out about a place. We will learn about our school grounds, our local area (with a trip to Playing Place) and how it is different to another location. We will also learn about how Playing Place has changed over time. For more information about the learning that will take place this half term, see the overview below.
We Have Explored Our Local Area!
In Spring 2, we learned about journeys from long ago and journeys taken today. We explored the hot and cold places that famous explorers journeyed to and compared these with the place we live and some of our own journeys. In Literacy, we followed the journey the snail and the whale took in Julia Donaldson's book, "The Snail and the Whale" and created our own versions of the story. In Science, we learned all about animals, including their different physical structures, diets and a few of their habitats. In Design Technology, we designed our own junk model vehicles for an imaginary journey and made them from recyclable materials.
The final week was all about "Easter" and we visited Kea Church to find out what Easter means to Christians. We made Easter hats and presented them in our "Easter Bonnet" parade at the end of term.
For more information about the learning that took place in this half term, have a look at the overview below.

In Spring 1, we learned about Food. Our topic launch was  a food themed activity day when we tasted food, carried out a food survey, made soup and printed patterns with fruit and vegetables.

We learned about the food produced in the four countries of the UK and more locally in Cornwall. In Science, we learned about our bodies and how they have changed since we were babies. We investigated how to eat healthily, explored our senses and discovered how some people manage without one or more of their senses. In Art, we made our own dinner place mats, using food printing techniques. We learned how to look carefully and draw the shapes, colours and pattern on the outside and inside of different fruits and vegetables. Finally produced our own Archimboldo collages.

In Literacy, we read and wrote our own versions of "The Tiger Who Came To Tea", "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" and many more "Food" related stories. We learned how to write recipes using our "Talk for Writing" techniques. 

In Maths, we named, sorted and recognised 2D and 3D shapes, mastering the place value of numbers 0-20, including the value of tens and ones parts of numbers. We added and subtracted numbers between 0-20 and mastered the place value of numbers 0-50. 

For more information about the learning that took place this half term, see the overview below.