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Class information

Welcome to Year 1 
Mrs Fleur McPherson (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Miss Ali Bevis (Thursdays and Fridays)
Year 1 Teaching Assistants
Mrs Snow, Miss Bunten, Miss Watts and Mrs Whitford
PE Days: Tuesdays with Mrs McPherson and Thursdays with Miss Bevis
Current Topic: Marvellous maps
Spring 1 - Marvellous maps
This first half term, we will be exploring our local environment. Using our developing understanding of simple maps we will carry out a tree survey of our school grounds, mapping where significant trees are on site. Whilst doing this we will embed previously learnt knowledge about the different species of trees we are lucky enough to have at Kea school. 
We will use our map skills to help us plan a walk up to Playing Place, mapping significant things we see along the journey.
We will be reading the Gingerbread man and other traditional tales, innovating them and writing our own tales. We will explore riddles about food and our natural world and continue with our daily phonics sessions.
In maths we will be moving on to our next unit which is length and height and then mass and weight where we will have lots of hands on practical maths sessions. 
Previous Topics:
Spring 1 - Food
This half term, we will be learning about food in the UK. We will learn about the four countries of the UK and their capital cities. We will locate them on the map. We will learn about a traditional dish from each country.
In literacy, we will read "The Tiger Who Came to Tea",  "The Shopping Basket" and other stories about food with familiar settings. We will write our own version of an animal coming for tea. We will read instructions and recipes and we will write our own recipes for a class book to share with parents and carers.
In maths, we will continue with place value and progress onto addition and subtraction to 20. We will learn about plants in science, including evergreen and deciduous trees and the parts of a flowering plant.
Autumn 2 Winter Festivals
This half term, we learned about various festivals, such as firework night, Remembrance, Hannukah and Christmas. We learned about the different traditions people have at these special times and why we celebrate.
In Literacy, we wrote postcards, greetings cards, letters and re-telling the Christmas story. In maths, we continued with addition and subtraction to 10, learned about 2D and 3D shapes and place value to 20. In Science, we learned about different materials and describing what they are like and sorting them. We spent some time rehearsing for the Nativity Play "Baaarmy Bethlehem", singing songs and performing dances. What an exciting time of year!
Autumn 1 - Cornish Myths and Legends
We learned about some very old stories about our local area. We described and wrote about Giants, Piskies and Mermaids. This led onto some fantastic artwork and Geography learning about significant places in Cornwall. We visited St Michael's Mount to learn more about Cormoran.
In Maths, we followed "White Rose Maths" and covered place Value to 10 and addition and subtraction to 10. There is an overview for parents to see how we teach Maths in Year 1.
In Science, we learned about the weather and how it changes with the seasons.
Summer 2 - Heroines and Heroes
Last Summer term, we learned about some amazing heroines and heroes from the past, including Grace Darling, Mohammed Ali and Mo Farah.
In Literacy, we wrote letters to modern day heroines and heroes, such as lifeguards and the coastguard. We read the story "Dear Greenpeace" to learn how effective letters can be. We also wrote some facts about the emergency services to combine in a Year 1 Class book.
In Maths, we learned place value to 100, money and telling the time.
We prepared for Sports Day (which sadly was rained off three times!) and carried out transition activities in the lead up to moving up a class.
Summer 1 - Transport Through Time
In this topic, we focused on the invention of trains, planes and cars and sequenced these on a timeline. We also sequenced events in our own lives related to transport on personal timelines. We learned who Richard Trevithick, The Wright Brothers and Henry Ford were. We kicked our topic off with a fantastic launch day, with lots of knowledgeable people invited in to tell us about their professions in transport.
In Science, we learned about plants, how seeds grow and the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. We learned names of common wild and garden plants and labelled parts of a tree and a plant.
In Literacy, we enjoyed traditional tales, including The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We also revisited Mrs Armitage in the wonderful story "Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road". Finally, we read and wrote about "Mr Gumpy's Outing" by John Burningham.
Spring 2 - Our Wonderful World
In this topic, we learned about animals including humans in Science, launched with a trip to Newquay Zoo. We learned the animal groups, such as mammal, bird, reptile, fish and amphibian. We also found out what diet groups there are, including herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. 
In Geography, we learned about the physical and human features of Borneo as well as focusing on the native wildlife. We created simple maps of Borneo and compared it with the U.K. We located the countries in the U.K, the capital cities and major towns.
In Literacy, we wrote recounts about the zoo trip and our weekends, using time conjunctions. We also sequenced and wrote instructions, focusing on what a verb is.
In Maths, we learned about numbers to 50, measuring and comparing length, height, weight and volume. We learned to add and subtract measurements.
Spring 1
In Spring 1, we learned about "Journeys and Explorers", including Ibn Battuta and Felicity Aston. We learned about journeys in the past. We compared the landscapes, weather, clothes and animals in Morocco and Antarctica. 
In Science, we learned about Human Bodies, how they change as they grow from babies to adults and how we use our senses.
In Maths, we learn how to add and subtract tens and ones with numbers up to 20. We moved onto understanding place value to 50.
In Literacy, we read "The Train Ride" and wrote our own versions of the story, using the patterned language. We also read and innovated on "Mrs Armitage on Wheels", inventing new things she added to her bicycle. We celebrated lots of special authors on World Book Day.
We also learned about two famous saints: St Piran and St Valentine. We learned about their legacy today and why we continue with celebrating their lives every year.
Autumn 2 - Winter Festivals
 Last half term, we learned about Firework night, Hanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. We learned about how and why people celebrate these festivals and what traditions are associated with them.
In Literacy, we focused on simple riddles to describe a mystery object. We read the story "The Jolly Postman" and learned about the cards, invitations, letters and postcards inside. We looked at how to write each of these types of correspondence. We ended by writing a letter to Father Christmas.
In Maths, we continued with addition and subtraction strategies. We started to use the number line more to count forwards and backwards. We learned the relationship between the addition and subtraction related facts. We moved onto learning about 2D and 3D shapes.
We spent lots of time learning the songs and dances for the Nativity play. We also visited Kea Church to learn about Advent.
Autumn 1 Topic - Farm to Fork

During our first week we launched our topic by blackberry and apple harvesting in and around our school grounds. We baked blackberry and apple muffins with our pickings! This learning led into work about modern and past farming techniques, seasonal changes, typical weather patterns for each time of year and climate change.


In Literacy we read, retold and wrote the story “The Hare and The Tortoise” and read, recited and wrote Autumn poems for our Harvest presentation to parents. We continued practising phonics daily in Read, Write, Inc, practice letter families in handwriting and begun to learn the importance of full stops and capital letters in our writing. 


Maths learning focused on counting, number recognition and place value. Please see our "Maths Overview" for more detail and ideas on how to support your child at home.