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Responsibilities & School Council

Year 5 & 6 Responsibilities
Year 5 and 6 jobs are essential in promoting and helping children understand how they can contribute to keeping Kea School a safe, happy and secure place to be. The responsibilities encompass social skills; ways to participate in the local community; key messages on how volunteering can make a difference and vital skills in how to cooperate and learn to resolve conflict. They teach and instill skills for life- long learning.
To ensure the correct job is assigned to the correct child, children have to learn about what the job entails and then apply for the job, including a formal letter. Mrs Hunkin then assigns the roles for the entirety of the year.


Manager: Mrs Hunkin

  • Open up and close the sandpit, put on the cover and brush up the sand

  • Take part in a Health & Safety walk around the school each term with Mrs Hunkin and a governor to spot hazards

  • Keep the school grounds free of litter

Recyclers & Green Ambassadors

Manager: Mrs Lamerton & Mrs Edyvean

  • Collect the recycling bags from each classroom/ work space- weekly

  • Put the paper in the recycling bin near the car park

  • Find ways to reduce waste and increase recycling

Playground Buddies

 Manager: Mrs Lawrence

  • Open and close the play shed

  • Put away the huff and puff toys

  • Help children to find someone to play with

  • Teach games to children

  • Look out for unkind behaviour and report to staff 


Manager: Mrs Drzymala

  • Provide plans to improve the school grounds

  • Plant and maintain green spaces around the school 

Kea School Council
We are very lucky at Kea to have a fantastic team of School Council members. We meet regularly to plan and discuss fund-raising events and issues which we feel are important.
Here are some highlights of what we have achieved so far this year:

In the Autumn Term, we participated in Children in Need, dressing up in spotty, superhero or pyjamas for the occasion. The school raised a massive amount for a brilliant charity.

At the Christmas Fayre, people had to guess the weight of the cake, how many sweets in the jar and the name of the teddy. Our stall raised lots of money for the PTA to help fund school events and resources. Many of the School Council members worked a shift on the stall and were really helpful.

At Christmas time, the children were invited to wear a Christmas jumper and this raised £158.84 for “Save the Children” charity. A great effort for a charity close to our hearts.

We are currently planning Comic Relief, which will be happening on Friday 15th March. The School Council members voted to have red noses on sale to raise money, dress up theme of red or funny and a cake sale after school. We will also be holding a talent show in assembly that day, which any budding comedians can audition for in classes.

The School Council is also very concerned about plastic pollution and we are planning to present an assembly to the school about how they can conserve and prevent plastic use. We are hoping to make posters to display around the school to raise awareness about this too.

Watch this space for more news and updates!