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Class Information

Welcome to Year 2
(Updated Summer 1) 


Class teacher: Miss Reeve 
Teaching assistants: Mrs Whitford

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. 

Homework is set each Friday and due on Wednesday (unless stated otherwise)



Previous Topics: 
Spring 2 - Marvellous Maps
This half term we are going to exploring our wonderful world that we live in! We are going to using lots of geography skills to read and understand maps. Also we will be going on a walk to playing place park to make use of our geography field work skills!

Spring 1 - Fabulous food! 
This half term our topic is fabulous food! We are going to be making fruit and vegetable portraits (based on the artist Arcimboldo), reading the stories 'Biscuit Bear' and 'The Disgusting Sandwich' plus much, much more! Also our food topic wouldn't be complete without some baking and food tasting! Yummy! 
Autumn 2 - Winter Festivals
During this topic, we are going to be learning all about different winter festivals. We will be looking at Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas! 
Autumn Term 1 - Cornish Myths and Legends
This is one of my favourite topics! We are going to be learning all about Cornish Myths and Legends! Have you heard the legend of the Mermaid of Zennor? Have you heard the myth of 'The Giant of the Mount'? Throughout this half term we are going to be learning about these amazing Cornish myths plus much more! 
Summer Term 1 - Transport
During this half term we are going to be learning all about transport! We are going to be having several special visitors to talk to us about their favourite types of transport. Also we are going to be having a local Cornish author to share with us about his new children's book about 'The Good Ship True Love'. 
Spring 2 - What a Wonderful World!
During this half term, all of our learning is going to focussed around our wonderful world. We are going to Newquay Zoo to see the animals that are part of our wonderful world then in science we will learning all about living things and their habitats. In literacy we will be writing recounts of our trip and we are going to be learning about  the true story 'Wangari's Trees of Peace'
Spring 1 - 'Journeys and Explorers'
This half term our topic is 'Journeys and Explorers'. In literacy we are going to be reading stories (such as 'Meerkat Mail' ) where characters go on exciting journeys. Also, in Humanities we are going to be delving back in time to be learning about some famous explorers that have explored some amazing parts of the world! 
Autumn 2 2022 - 'Winter Festivals'
During this half term will be will exploring different winter festivals in the run up to Christmas! We will be doing some acrostic poetry all about Fireworks Night, learning how Christians celebrate Christmas and learning about Diwali! We will also be going on a trip to Kea Church and a trip to The Hall for Cornwall to see 'Treasure Island'! 
Have a look at the PDF overview below for more information on all the learning we will cover this half term.
Autumn 1 - 'Farm to Fork' 
During this half term we will learning all about Autumn and Harvest with our topic 'Farm to Fork'. 
Please see the topic overview for more information: 
Summer 1 - Clothes Over Time 
Our 'Clothes Over Time' topic this half term is history based. We will be visiting the Victorian Village at Flambards to see the clothes that people wore during Victorian times. We will be reading the story 'Little Red Reading Hood' and we will be writing traditional tales with a twist! Our DT/ Art is going to be based on creating pouches with felt, so we have lots of exciting learning to do this half term!