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Class Information

Welcome to Year 4


 Class teachers: Mr. Miles (Monday to Wednesday)

Mrs. Bray (Thursday and Friday)


  Teaching assistants: Mrs Tucker, Mrs Goodchild and Miss Watts


 Start time 8:55am (Doors open at 8.45am)

Finish time 3.30pm


 P.E. day

Wednesday Outdoor Education (AM) with Miss Bevis

Summer Term 2 - World of Sports
This half term, we are going to be celebrating the fact that we have an Olympic Games and the European Cup in football all happening this year. We are going to learn about sports played in and originating from different countries around the world. 
We are going to learn geography facts and practice geography skills, such as map making, map reading, and using information technology to find out and record information from all round the globe.
Previous topics:
Summer Term 1 - Ancient Greece
Our topic for this half term is a history topic about the Ancient Greeks. We will be learning about where Greece is and when the civilisation was at its most powerful. We will learn about gods and goddesses and how the culture still influences us today.
In writing, we will look at playscripts and persuasive texts, using a holiday brochure as a model. In maths, we will continue our work about fractions and decimals.
Spring Term 2 - Mayan History
This half term we are delving into the ancient world of The Maya, a truly enchanting ancient civilisation whose creations have influenced the way we write and use a calendar; the food we eat; and some will argue that they were some of the first astronomers!
Who was it that gifted humans with chocolate?  Did you know that the Mayan's used hieroglyphics too?  Where is Central America, and can you name three countries there? How many Maya gods or temples can you name?  What language did they speak? Are there any of The Maya alive today? 
If you're ready and believe it is possible to write a Mayan version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, come and join us on our voyage back in time...
Spring Term 1 - 2024 topic - Rivers and Seas
In our Geography based topic this half term, we will be learning about how rivers are formed and naming different stages of a river as it grows and develops. Our maths will look at multiplication and division and we will look at poetry in English.
Autumn Term 2 2023 topic  - Judaism
This half term, we will be continuing with writing based on stories with historical settings, but will be looking at Explanation texts in our non fiction writing. Maths will continue addition and subtraction and expand into multiplication and division.
Our Humanities focus will be an R.E. one and Year 4 will be learning about Judaism. 
Autumn Term 1 2023 topic - Tudors and Stuarts
This term, we will be learning about one of our school's favourite topics, the Tudor and Stuart times, which began with the reign of Henry VII in 1485 and ended with the reign of Queen Anne in 1714.
We will be learning about famous people and events, Henry VIII, King Charles I and II and events such as the Civil War, Great Plague and Great Fire of London. 
In writing, we will be looking at stories with an historical setting. In maths, we will be learning about place value and commencing addition and subtraction with larger numbers.