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We believe our P.E. curriculum to be exciting, engaging and varied. Our children partake in a wide range of individual and team sports, outdoor adventure activities and dance. Our emphasis is on enjoyment and participation, but we ensure that children make excellent progress within the subject too.

We strive for our children to stand out on their arrival at secondary school as pupils that adhere to the ‘School Games Values’ of determination, passion, honesty, respect, self-belief and teamwork; values that are integrated into our P.E. and dance curriculum. We very much hope that P.E. and dance lessons at Kea CP School inspire children to become lifelong lovers of physical activity and that they will continue to take part in these activities and achieve personal growth and success in their adult life.

Always inclusive, we ensure that every pupil is able to take part in P.E. and dance lessons and also offer a range of extra-curricular clubs to all year groups as well as the opportunity for pupil to represent the school in all sorts of competitions, events and tournaments.

We have a vast array of P.E. equipment and are blessed with a fantastic school site with numerous play areas, sports courts and pitches and an abundance of space to inspire our pupils whilst they engage with the P.E. curriculum.

 Based on the national curriculum, and fulfilling all of its requirements, we have made informed choices about the experiences and content we want our curriculum to include. Much of our P.E. is delivered by our in-school sports coach, who has a wealth of experience and skill in ensuring all children reach their potential within the subject.