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History and Geography

“We are determined that our curriculum will provide children with an engaging, inspirational learning journey that values and celebrates their individuality and creativity, and supports them to be resilient, articulate, free-thinking, independent learners with a passion to succeed to the very best of their ability.” (Kea School Statement of Intent)

We believe our humanities curriculum to be exciting, engaging and varied. Our children journey from local history and geography across the world as far as Australia, and from Stone age people through Vikings and Tudors to the present day. Our whole school approach allows children to engage with each other as well as with teachers, and to articulate their learning.

We strive for our children to stand out on their arrival at secondary school as knowledgeable historians, with a firm grasp of the skills needed to investigate the past such as a clear understanding of chronology and an ability to access and investigate different sources of information. In geography, children have opportunities to make and read maps, to research other countries and to know their way around the world.

Always inclusive, we believe that a practical approach is best and we use educational visits and field trips to ensure all children are engaged and enthused about their learning. In lessons, they are encouraged to talk and to listen to each other and to articulate clearly and coherently their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences while respecting the right of others to differ.

We are blessed with an amazing outside space which we use particularly in humanities to create maps and trails, study land use and to investigate local geography. Technology is also a benefit as we use interactive maps as well as traditional atlases to investigate the world. Each year, one of our topics is based on climate matters and we aim for our children to be respectful and knowledgeable of environmental and ecological issues and well-versed in the part they have to play in sustainability and looking after our planet.


Based on the national curriculum, and fulfilling all of its requirements, we have made informed choices about the experiences and content we want our curriculum to include. Our curriculum is very much our own, and however far we travel across the world or back through time, we are very much a Cornish school. We make great use of our surroundings and our local community area to imbue our children with a sense of place.

 Our Spring Term 2 2024 history and geography topics are:
The Maya  (KS2)
Marvellous Maps (KS1)
Have a look a the Progression of Skills and Knowledge documents above for the specific objectives covered within these topics.