Non uniform day tomorrow for the Jubilee Celebration (20/05/2022)


Highlights of musical learning during Autumn 2 2021
Year 5 - Jazz and Swing 

Year 5 have been working on Jazz and Swing music! Whilst learning our pieces ('The Three Note Bossa'and 'The 5 Note Swing') the class have had opportunity to work on their improvisation skills! Listen to our songs below to hear their amazing work! 
Year 4 - Glockenspiel Skills 
Year 4 have been continuing to develop their Glockenspiel skills. In lessons, they have beginning to use notation whilst playing. 
Year 3 - Glockenspiel Skills 
Year 3 have been developing their musical skills and learning about the language of music through playing Glockenspiels. 
Musical News!


On Thursday 6th February 2020, Mr Cross (from Penair) came to Kea School and did a music workshop with Year 5 focussing on a Latin piece of music called 'Arriba'. We learnt a lovely melody which had a complicated rhythm. Once we had mastered the melody, we all got to have a go improvising a melody using a Pentatonic Scale. 

Listen below to hear Y5 playing the main Arriba melody! 
Conductive Music 

On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th January, KS2 participated in a special music workshop called Conductive Music. Over the two days, KS2 were learning about how to use technology to create music. 
Light Up a Life - Truro Cathedral 
On the 29th November 2019, Kea School Choir proudly performed at Truro Cathedral for the 'Light Up a Light' carol service. The choir sung Silent Night and Little Donkey in 2-part harmony.