Non uniform day tomorrow for the Jubilee Celebration (20/05/2022)

Class Information

Welcome to Year 5

Teacher: Mrs Drzymala & Mrs Bray (Wednesday PM)

Teaching Assistant: Mr Cotterill, Mrs Leverton 


Spring 1
Dreaming Down Under
We will be looking at all things 'Down Under' as part of our English project combined with our 'Maps and Mapping' Humanities work. We will be looking at Aboriginal cultural tales and turning them into playscripts which we will then perform for Y4!
Autumn 2
Our topic this half term is Islam and we will be looking at this religion which is over 1400 years old. We will learn about what Muslims believe in, about the 5 pillars of Islam and the festivals and special holy days which they celebrate. We will also learn about how Muslims live their life and how they worship. We will think about Muslims living across the world, including Cornwall and the U.K.  
Viking Marble Treat
On Monday we enjoyed our first marble treat of Y5- a Viking morning where we made Viking brooches (after making the salt dough first); excelled in a Lego challenge where we had to create a Norse mythical creature; a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) activity where we investigated the strength of a Viking warrior's clothing and made our brains hurt with a rune puzzle activity about a Viking saying. It was fantastic and the children were amazing!
Wake & Shake
A big thank you to our new Y6 Wake & Shake team who got us moving and ready to learn and well done to Y5 for great participation and enthusiasm- especially with the Ronaldo celebration! 
Invaders & Settlers
We have learned so much during our topic right from the very start when we created our own warriors from the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods. We learned about what they wore and what it would have been made from. We worked as a team to get the job done and to collaborate on ideas. We loved making houses and have impressed everyone. We have written some truly amazing pieces this term already but we are especially proud of our Lindisfarne letters next to our Viking long-ship. 
Our fantastic writing display!
Our Warriors!
Growth Mindset
Having a growth mindset is the key to being a great learner and to being happy and successful in life. It is knowing that although there will be times when we find things difficult and may fail, we know how to be resilient and bounce back. It is knowing that at some points in our life when we are learning new skills or having new experiences, we may have a fixed mindset and be nervous and that is O.K -but we always understand how to overcome it. We discuss this a lot in Y5 but we also complete activities that may help us to understand how to overcome a fixed mindset and our Roman soldier drawing was one of these.
What started as a lesson where some of the children were nervous to get started and where others held a rubber ready in their hand, where some children would not show their work to their friend, led to all children completing the task, having their work on the wall and on this page and sharing in their success- all through a growth mindset!
Our Viking Visitor
During our Invaders and Settlers' lesson on Friday, we were visited by a real-life Viking who discussed Viking warriors and some of their battles including Stamford Bridge. We had to re-enact some of these, learning about shield walls and marching- one of us even became a berserker! 
Invaders & Settlers
We will be learning about the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings- a period which lasted a thousand years! Beginning with the Roman invasion in 55BC and ending with the last invasion in 1066, we will be looking at how and why these people were great warriors, how they lived their life and the myths and legends they believed in. Our class will concentrate on the beliefs and customs of these people. We will be handling real artefacts and will also have some amazing arts and crafts to make.
 Our class novel
Odd's luck has been bad so far. He lost his father on a Viking expedition, his foot was crushed beneath a tree, and the winter seems to be going on for ever. But when Odd flees to the woods and releases a trapped bear, his luck begins to change. The eagle, bear and fox he encounters reveal they're actually Norse gods, trapped in animal form by the evil frost giants who have conquered Asgard, the city of the gods...Can a twelve-year-old boy reclaim Thor's hammer, outwit the frost giants and release the gods?
Our P.E lessons will be on Mondays and Thursdays. Children can come into school wearing their P.E kit on these days. They can either wear their normal green school jumper/cardigan or their red hoodie should they wish. As the weather gets colder, children might prefer to wear joggers or leggings (grey or black).