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Eco Committee

Kea School Eco Committee
At Kea, we are aiming to obtain the  Eco Schools Award. We have held elections in Years 1-6, voted in our new members and are working on our new objectives for the year. We have regular meetings to discuss what we can do and how we can all spread the message to our school community.
The members who were voted in are all passionate about the environment, nature, the climate emergency and want to do their bit to help.
No Mow May
The Eco Committee invited the wider school community to refrain from mowing their grass for the month of May to help bees, butterflies and other pollinators. These posters, designed by some members of the committee were bright and eye-catching and really helped to spread the message around school, churches and community areas. Well done, Team!
Walk to School Week 2023
The Eco Committee campaigned for children to try to walk, bike or scoot all or part of the way to school at some point during the week. It is challenging because our school is a little bit far away from where most families live but they did a fantastic job. 86 people joined in with the walking bus on the last day of the week. A fantastic achievement only possible because we had sucgh fantastic support from parents and volunteers.