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Kea CP School Curriculum

At Kea CP School, we don’t want 210 red flowers with green stems.


We are determined that our curriculum will provide children with an engaging, inspirational learning journey that values and celebrates their individuality and creativity, and supports them to be resilient, articulate, free-thinking, independent learners with a passion to succeed to the very best of their ability.

We strive for our children to stand out on their arrival at secondary school as warm, courteous and engaged students who communicate effectively and respectfully with adults and their peers, and have high aspirations for their own futures. 

Kea CP School is an inclusive school, intent on ensuring that all children reach their potential in a culture of success. This includes pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN), and we consider every pupils' individual needs within our planning and provision.


As a team, we are passionate about preparing our children to be successful adults in an ever-changing, technologically advanced society. We encourage children to aim high and equip them with the skills, self-discipline and confidence to succeed. We value ‘pupil voice’ and want our children to articulate clearly and coherently their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences while respecting the right of others to differ. We aim for them to gain an aptitude for dialogue, so that they can participate positively in our society, with its diverse religions and beliefs. We want to celebrate their heritage, be it Cornish or otherwise, and ensure that they are knowledgeable and respectful of the heritage of the others in society.


 We aim to be at the forefront of educational best practice and our children will benefit from our desire to give them access to the latest technological and educational tools and developments. Where there are barriers, we pride ourselves on embracing different approaches and seizing new opportunities to ensure high-quality learning. We value the importance of the outdoors to help support and engage learners and make regular use of our extensive grounds to achieve this. We aim for our children to be respectful and knowledgeable of environmental and ecological issues and well-versed in the part they have to play in sustainability and looking after our planet.


 We have made informed choices about the experiences and content we want our curriculum to include and have carefully considered how the curriculum will build on prior learning in line with the National Curriculum and its outcomes. Our four-year rolling programme for humanities, alongside our progression of skills documents in all the curriculum subjects, show how we intend to cover the skills and knowledge within each National Curriculum subject. Our passionate and knowledgeable subject leads, have considered how larger concepts are developed over time and in a variety of contexts to create a bespoke curriculum offer, matched to the needs of our children. Where there are specific needs, we plan for these and how best to ensure that all children can access our curriculum and the appropriate skills and knowledge within.



The document below shows how each subject within the curriculum is implemented in classes. 
We carefully assess children across our curriculum using a variety of assessment methods. We made a considered decision to not rely on one form of assessment and that using this combination of methods would provide us with the clearest and most accurate measure of individual pupil progress and attainment. Below, you can read more about the methods that we use to assess our pupils and on each curriculum subject page you can see which of those methods are applied within that subject.