This Week's Learning (1st March- 5th March)

Welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning Page!  
Here you will find daily lessons for English and maths, alongside their resources. 
Please remember, don't worry if you can't get through all of the learning each day.
We want you and your parents to feel reassured that we are still here to support you with your learning, so please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office if you need our help.
Mrs Drzymala & Mrs Samuels
Assignments: Please send a photo or electronic copy to Teams
  • Monday’s Writing Task- Advertisement- hire a dragon hunter
  • Monday's PSHE Task- Art competition - 'Hope Springs' 
  • Wednesday’s Writing Task – Dragon egg descriptions
Join us for our live sessions: 
  • Thursday 4th March @ 11.15am- Year 5 Assembly
  • Friday 5th March @ 9.30am - Year 5 Assembly
Y5 Weekly Overview
This week's Handwriting & Spelling 
This week we will be looking at long multiplication using the formal method. It is really important for the children to understand that when we multiply by 2-digits the skill is the same, even when we multiply by larger numbers. For example- if you can multiply TU X TU then you can do ThHTU X TU or 
23 x 15  uses the same skill as 2340 x 15. 
If you need more time to go over multiplying by 1-digit- that's absolutely fine. I've included some extra work for you to do this week below instead. 
Monday 1st March 2021
If you are unable to play today's video, please re-watch last Thursday's teaching video as this is a re-cap of the end of last week's work with additional worksheets to consolidate. 
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Thursday 4th March 2021
Friday 5th March 2021
Suggested Afternoon Timetable 
St Piran's Day - Friday 5th March
Who was St Piran? Read about his life in the document saved below.
Try doing some activities to celebrate St Piran's day such as making a pasty (and eating one!), wearing the colours of the Cornish flag, or you could try making a Cornish flag.
Enjoy St Piran's day!