This Week's Homework

Hello Year Three 
Below, you will find all the instructions for this week's homework.
Children in Year 3 are expected to complete two pieces of homework per week (one is usually literacy based, and one is maths) in addition to practising spellings, tables and reading.
Parents, please let us know if there are any problems with homework, thank you.
Here is a helpful letter from Times Tables Rock Stars which will help you to get the most out of the program. 
Here is a video to help practice forming all of our letters using Kea's handwriting script.  Choose letters your child finds difficult to focus on. Focus in particular on letter size and ensuring descenders (g, y, p, f) go below the line and ascenders (l, b, d) are tall. 
Home learning for those who are self-isolating.

Hello there!


As you know, Y3 are swimming for the next couple of weeks which cuts down on the amount of lessons they are having. Over the next 10 school days, they will participate in 5 literacy and 5 maths lessons. If you are feeling well enough to do some work, the following activities will stop you getting behind.




We are looking at writing instructions.


1) Nine Man's Morris instructions.

2) Write instructions for How to trap a Troll.


Nine Man's Morris


The Learning plan from October 13th has more details about writing instructions for Nine Man's Morris.

A few weeks ago, our Viking visitor taught us how to play Nine Men's Morris. You can follow the link to learn if you missed the lesson or have forgotten.

You will need to make a nine men's morris board and then teach someone to play. After a few games, you will need to write instructions on how to play the game. Remember to include a section on what you need and to use time conjunctions such as firstly, next, then and after that.


How to Catch a Troll


On Tuesday and Wednesday will be learning how to catch a Troll! On Tuesday you need to try and remember the instructions.  On Wednesday you need to write instructions. Look at the learning plan (Mon 18th-Wed 20th) and the How to catch a troll PowerPoint.




 See Videos and worksheets below.




 See Videos and worksheets below.


PE / ICT are on the Mon-Wed learning plan.

Maths worksheets and videos October 12-22