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This Week's Homework

Happy Friday all!
The homework for this week can be found below on a pdf. The spellings the children are being asked to work on are the same ones as they were learning last week, as we need to spend more time on this particular pattern.
Thank you for your help in learning lyrics, the children are singing really well. Some of us are it bit less confident on words in "The wisest men" so could we concentrate on those particularly, please?
Year Three will be singing Verse one of Away in a Manger too, so that's another one to practise.
As we prepare for Christmas, we would like the children to continue learning spellings and tables as outlined on the level one homework, but please could any other available time  be spent on learning lines for the play, and words for the Christmas songs.
Thank you.
 Click below to practice this week's spelling pattern.
Use the Educandy links below to practise this week's spellings or revise previous patterns. Enjoy the games!
Next week we will be looking at Unit 9 adding ed and ing.
Here is a helpful letter from Times Tables Rock Stars which will help you to get the most out of the program. 
Here is a video to help practice forming all of our letters using Kea's handwriting script.  Choose letters your child finds difficult to focus on. Focus in particular on letter size and ensuring descenders (g, y, p, f) go below the line and ascenders (l, b, d) are tall.