Non uniform day tomorrow for the Jubilee Celebration (20/05/2022)

This Week's Home Learning

Home Learning Week Beginning 4th April 2022
These are learning suggestions.  Please don't  feel you have to do them all.  Your priority is to get better quickly.  We hope you feel better soon and if we don't see you before Easter, have a lovely break.  
The YF team!

Reading and Phonics


Continue to read your school book and practise your red words. You can also practise your set 1 and 2 sounds. Perhaps you could go have a red word treasure hunt around the house.  Write the red words onto a slip of paper and hide it around the house.  When you find it, say the word. 

If you wish to find more books, you can subscribe for free on the Oxford Owl website. Here there are some Oxford reading tree online books, so choose some on your book band colour. There are also some 'ditty books' which are the books we use in Read Write Inc. Choose the red level books.



This week we will be enjoying the story ‘Chicken Licken’, listening to it many times to absorb the story structure, characters and story language.  There is a PowerPoint attached of the story below.  When you listen to it again and again, join in with the repeated language. 

Can you write a sentence about a picture from the story?  There are some pictures in the word document below.  You can practise your sentence with a grown up first and then try to write it.  Your sentence could be something like ‘A nut fell on my head’ (we wouldn’t expect the children to be able to spell ‘head’ or get the double letter in fell).  Or, ‘I will tell the king’.  Remember, it’s ‘have a go’ writing.

There are also some Chicken Licken colouring sheets too.


This week, we will be consolidating work on combining two groups, addition and subtraction.  We will be approaching this with a problem solving focus, using Easter as a stimulus.  We will be practically acting out a variety of problems involving addition and subtraction in class, using chicks, eggs and bunnies.  You could try this at home.  The language of addition and subtraction is the most important thing (more, altogether, fewer, less, add, take away etc).  However, they may have a go at writing a number sentence for some of their additions (ie 2 + 1 = 3).

Attached are some of the PowerPoints we will be looking at as a class.  The Numberblock PowerPoint is interactive so your child can click on the answers.

Other Learning
We are having an Easter and Chicken focus to our learning this week.  Choose from a few of the ideas below.
- Hear the Easter story.  Powerpoint below.  There are also some lovely videos on Cbeebies about the Easter story and how we celebrate Easter.
- Find out about Chickens.  What is the life cycle?  What do they eat?  Watch a video of an chick hatching from an egg.
- Make an Easter bonnet.
- Can you build a nest in the garden for a chicken to lay his eggs?  Make sure it's warm, safe, will keep the eggs dry.
- Learn how to make scrambled eggs!  We're doing this in school.