Non uniform day tomorrow for the Jubilee Celebration (20/05/2022)


At Kea Community Primary School, we value creativity in all its forms. Through our highly specialised teaching of art, our children are not only equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary in the teaching of it, but are led through an engaging, inspiring and highly challenging curriculum. Our children develop high quality skills which lead to a rigorous understanding of the subject and result in outstanding pieces of art. Children thrive and are encouraged to shine in our art lessons and this talent is celebrated with wider school and community work including Trelissick Gardens and Penair School.

Throughout our rolling four- year programme, our children are not only exposed to the masters of art including Cezanne, Lowry, Van Gogh and Monet but also processes including: still life drawing, pottery, mosaics, collage, mixed media and printing. Themes are linked to whole school topics to ensure children have a clear purpose and can see the beauty and intrinsic nature of art throughout humanity and history.  

Penair Art Project

Year 5 were invited to take part in an art project based on the Brazilian graffiti artist ‘L7m’, led by Penair’s Mr Brett. The purpose of the project was to support children’s transition to secondary school and to enable them to utilise resources they would not ordinarily have access to. The theme was resilience and risk taking.

As part of the project, Year 5 were able to visit Penair School and work with former Kea pupils to complete their pieces. The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and the impact upon the children’s confidence to try new things and willingness to persevere has impacted upon all aspects of their learning.

Tudor Portraits
Tudor Tapestry
Apple Art as displayed at Trelissick Gardens as part of the National Trust's Apple Weekend.