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Kea School is a co-educational school for 4 to 11 year olds, providing a caring, secure and intellectually challenging environment in which our pupils feel valued and are able to learn successfully.  We are situated in a lovely rural location and have served the area around Kea, Playing Place, Feock and the City of Truro for over 130 years. Kea is a ‘good’ school (OFSTED 2015) and we strive to ensure that we offer a constantly improving service to our pupils, parents and community.

The school has excellent facilities. We have spacious, well equipped classrooms, and extensive, attractive grounds. The school shares the site with Kea Pre-School and Out of School Club, which provides a high standard of pre-school and after school and holiday care. Kea Pre-School were recently graded by Ofsted as ‘good’ (December 2014).

Please contact the school office if you would like to arrange a visit. 

‘Kea stands out for me as a school that is also good at the things which are harder to is a wonderful community where people care what happens and there is a great deal of teamwork, respect and creativity.’  (A parent)

London 2016
8pm Just passed Exeter and still on for 9.30 arrivals to school. We're keeping all our fingers crossed for no more hold ups.
7pm We've just had a 45 minute stop and seemed to have passed the traffic jams for the moment. Current ETA 9.30pm...
We've been quite delayed and are now in another long delay just on the M5... Likely that we won't be back before 9.. Will update again later.
3pm Fri 17 June
Everyone enjoyed the First World War workshop this morning which was followed by a tour round some of sections of the museum. We're now on the bus and have just got out of London onto the M4. Estimated time of arrival (all being well) is approx 8.15 as we'll need to stop for 45 mins for the driver's taco break.
7.20am Fri 17 June Another quiet night and all went to sleep quite quickly. Packing, eating breakfast and getting ready this morning for 8.30 departure to the Imperial War Museum. Arrival time back to school will depend on time taken to get out of London and number of times/length of times the driver needs to stop. (Last year there were lots of hold ups on our way home.) I'll contact school mid afternoon to send out messages and I'll try to update the website during our journey with estimated time of arrival.
7pm 16 June
We spent this morning at the National Theatre. Children learned some of the workings of the theatre, watched set builders at work and tried on a range of costumes. This was followed by a fantastic acting skills workshop led by an actor. I think children will find this really helpful in their performance of Olivia. We arrived at Gonville Academy at 3.30 to a really warm welcome. Children from both schools took part in a range of fun activities followed by pizza and cakes for tea. Another really successful day. We're now on the bus (again) heading back to the Lord Amory.
8am 16 June
Another remarkably peaceful night. Everyone settled down quickly after getting back from the theatre last evening. All the girls woke just before the alarm (a bugle call followed by lively music - Jailhouse Rock at the moment) and the boys were all completely silent until the alarm! The tooth fairy has visited one girl during the night... Lovely smell of breakfast cooking. All are looking forward to National Theatre workshop today followed by late afternoon visit to Gonville Academy in Croydon.
10.45pm 15 June Really successful afternoon and the weather stayed sunny. Everyone enjoyed the river cruise and London Eye. One or two children overcame anxieties about heights which they were pleased about. Had time to watch a couple of busking acts in Covent Garden - some fantastic jugglers and acrobats. Lovely meal at Cafe Rouge followed by the Lion King show. The most amazing array or colour sound, singing, dancing etc.. It was great to sit amongst the children and witness their delight in the performance - definitely an experience they won't forget! Now on the bus heading back to the Lord Amory. Lots of tired children and staff.. Hoping for a quiet night again!
2pm Wed 15June
Lovely sunny day so far. We've walked from the Lord Amory to the Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark where everyone learned about ways of sailing and trading. Everyone was fascinated to find out how important the race back home was for the ship - in order to get the best prices for tea. We're all sitting on the City Cruise boat at Greenwich Pier waiting for the river cruise to the London Eye. Lots of excited smiles everywhere!
7.30am What an amazing night... All were quiet by 11 (apart from one snorer who didn't keep he rest of their cabin awake for long), and all were still quiet till well after 6.30 this morning. Really bright sunny start across the river and delicious smell of bacon,sausages etc. cooking for breakfast.. Hoping to be able to dodge showers today..! KW
10.30pm Tues 14 June Everyone in their cabins and starting to settle down. I've a feeling some will settle sooner than others! Lovely view of the O2 across the river. A very still night here now, dry for the moment and quite warm on the boat.
7.10pm Tues 14 June Had a great afternoon at the Science Museum following an extremely wet walk back from Hyde Park. Lovely meal at Pizza Express and we're now sitting in the coach in heavy traffic on our way to the Lord Amory. Everyone in very good spirits and excited to see where they will be sleeping. KW
 1.30pm Tues June
Have arrived in London after a good journey. Two stops in service stations on the way. Children are all having fun paddling in the stream and running round in the Diana Memorial Gardens in Hyde Park before going to the Science Museum in a while. 4pm
Everyone is getting very excited about the Y6 London visit tomorrow. 
Please remember that we will be leaving school at 6.30am and  children will need packed lunch and drinks for the journey.  Have a good sleep tonight and see you bright and early in the morning!  KW

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