Class Information

Welcome to Year 2

Class teacher: Miss Reeve

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Leverton, Mrs Averre

Welcome to Year 2!
Spring Term 2 2020-"Our World"

This half term our topic is "Our World". We will focus on local geography. We will explore the local area. We will explore and look at different maps in order to examine the physical (such as hills, valleys and rivers) and human (such as houses, school buildings, farms, shops and the church) features or our local area. Once we have considered some of the geographical features of our immediate area, we will expand our study to Cornwall and the U.K. We will also be learning about Easter and visiting Kea Church to learn more about how Christians celebrate Easter.


Literacy kicks off this term with a focus on stories about toys by familiar authors such as Shirley Hughes and Mick Inkpen.  We will innovate on these stories to create our own lost toy stories.  After this, we turn our writing to poetry - focussing on nature  poetry, inspired by spring. Finally we will write a non-chronological report about our local area.


In maths, we will continue to work on identifying and using fractions and consolidating our knowledge of shapes. Following this, we will work on  telling the time and time themed maths problems. Finally, we will revise the four operations and prepare for KS1 SATs.


Spring 1 Topic Heroes from the Past
This half term we will be learning about Boudicca, Florence Nightingale, Queen Victoria and Edward Jenner. We will find out why they were famous and order events from their lives. We will listen to famous composers and look at portraits by significant artists. 
Our writing will take the form of recounts and explanation texts about our heroes, focusing on their amazing achievements. We will put together a film trailer and recount relating to Boudicca to show the rest of the school at the end of the half term.

Autumn 2 Festivals and Faiths


This half term we will be learning about Hindu and Christian festivals. We will have a visit from Daya, a Hindu expert and be immersed in Puja (home worship) and learn about the story of Rama and Sita. We will find out how Christians celebrate Christmas and how Divali and Christmas are similar and different. We will visit Kea Church on 2nd December and learn about special symbols found in the church. All of our learning about the Nativity story will culminate in a fantastic festive production on 11th and 12th December.


Autumn 1 Houses and Homes


We will compare the earliest houses, Victorian houses and modern day houses. By exploring how people used to cook, wash, sleep and relax in their homes, we will develop our understanding of how our home lives have changed, whilst our basic needs have remained the same. In Geography, we will consider how location and climate determine our basic needs and the materials we use in our houses and homes.


Watch this space for photos and examples of our learning!


We are visiting Lanhydrock House on Monday October 7th.


In our "letters and overviews" section we have added our welcome to year 2 Powerpoint from the parent briefing for those of you that couldn’t make it. We will continue to add curriculum overviews, letters and information to this part of the website.


St Piran’s and World Book Day 2020


On Thursday 5th March, we had a double celebration with World Book Day and St Piran’s Day. KS1 were vertically grouped and they took part in lots of lovey creative activities to promote our love of Cornwall and books!


With Mrs Harvey, the children made man engines and did some Cornish singing and dancing. With Mrs Olive, the children story mapped a Cornish story and made their own Cornish coat of arms. Finally, with Mrs McPherson, the children made Cornish scones and then had a cream tea and the story of St Piran.


Much fun was had by all and it was a super opportunity for the children in KS1 to all get to know each other better.

Thursday 14th November 2019
Year 2 pupils were excited to start our money topic in Maths. It will give us a chance to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as we count 2p, 5p and 10p coins.
Here are some photos of us working out and making some totals.
Hindu Immersion Day with Daya
On Friday 22 November, Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Daya. We learned about the Hindu religion, including, where and how Hindus pray, the story of Rama and Sita and we all had a go at meditating. We were lucky enough to dress up in Indian clothes and participate in Banghra dancing too. It was really interesting and lots of fun too! In the afternoon, we cooked and ate Indian food and Daya told us about how the Indian culture in a temple is a real community spirit with everyone cooking and eating together. At the end of the day we wished her "Namaste" and were all sad that the fun was over.

As part of our Christmas in Europe topic, we visited Kea Church. We had a brilliant time! We got the chance to test our speed and our shape skills by racing to build a tower of presents. We talked about what Christmas means to us and we learned about what Christmas means to Christians. We got dressed up for a mini advent production. We made Christmas decorations with Christmas messages on them. These decorations are displayed on the Kea Christmas tree for the whole Kea congregation to enjoy. Finally we lit advent candles to represent hope, peace, love, joy and Christmas.

For our remberance day celebrations we made clay poppies! We can’t wait to see them once they’re displayed outside our school!

In maths mastery we look at problems in lots of different ways. Today we practiced subtractions which crossed 10 using dienes and place value charts.


As part of our living things and their habitats topic, we went on a habitat hunt around our school. We looked for different habitats and discussed what animals might live there. We also thought about some of the advantages and disadvantages of each habitat.

As part of our Entry Point day we became knights of the round table. This was to launch our Cornish myths and legends topic. Did you know King Arthur had many Cornish adventures!



Summer Term 2 2019

For our final topic in year 2, we will be learning about plants and animals. We’ll find out where the rainforests are in geography. In science we’ll explore the diverse species of rainforest plants and animals. Also, we will be celebrating different athletics skills in our annual Sports Day on Friday 21st June (weather permitting!) We look forward to cheering the children on as they show what they can do on this special day. At the end of the term we look forward to presenting our learning to the parents at our annual Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 parent presentation in the hall.

 Summer Term 1 2019

This half term we will be learning about ‘Toys from the past’. We will be comparing new and old toys, making toys and reading lots of toy themed stories. We are creating a toy museum in our classroom, so if anyone has any old toys that may be of interest to our topic, please let us know as we would be very interested in looking at them.  We will be also be giving the children “Challenge Papers” (SATs tests) during this term. They take place in normal lesson time and are presented to the children in a fun way.
Spring Term 2 2019
This half term, we will be learning about heroes from the past, to include Edward Jenner, Florence Nightingale, Queen Victoria and Neil Armstrong. We will also be looking at growing plants in Science. On Monday 25th March, we will be visiting Kea Church to look at Christian Symbols and to learn about the Easter Story.
During this half term, we will also be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 7th March and Comic Relief on Friday 15th March. We look forward to seeing parents at Parents' Evenings in the week beginning 18th March.
Spring Term 1 2019
Our topic this half term is “The Voyage of the Mystery”, in which we will learn about the story of  seven sailors from Cornwall who sailed in their tiny fishing boat to Southwest Australia in search of their fortunes. As part of this topic, Year 2 will be visiting “The Maritime Museum” in Falmouth to see a live re-enactment of “The Voyage of The Mystery”. It will be an exciting opportunity to bring the story alive and generate much more learning about the history from this era. We will also use the topic as a jumping off point to explore world geography and try our hand at boat building.
Autumn Term 2 2018
Our theme this half term is centred on "Christmas in Europe". We will be  learning about countries, capital cities and other geographical facts as well as finding out about how different cultures celebrate Christmas. This will be complimented by our wonderful Christmas production where our 6 and 7 year olds take to the stage to show their amazing singing, dancing and acting talent. We will be learning about the Christian meaning behind Christmas and taking part in some Christmas activities at the church. We will also learn how Hindus celebrate Diwali and enjoy the story of "Rama and Sita", making some Hindu based crafts.
Autumn Term 1 2018
In Year 2 in the first half term, we will be learning about Cornish myths and legends. We will learn about local places and myths attached to them, such as King Arthur and Tintagel Castle, Bolster from St Agnes and Cormoran from St Michael's Mount. We will learn where Cornwall is on the map and significant features of Cornwall. We will read and write lots of Cornish legends using this knowledge. As part of Trelissick Apple Week, we will be creating lots of artwork to go on display at Trelissick House and Gardens, as well as baking apple pies from the apples in the school orchard. We will be thinking about Harvest around the world and exploring this through our work at the Harvest service at school.