Class Information

Welcome to Year 6

Teacher: Mr S.Miles  

Teaching Assistants: Mrs.Tucker, Mrs. Lawry, Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Cross 

 SCHOOL YEAR 2019 - 2020
Spring Term 2020
 Second half
 Topic - Maps and Mapping
Welcome back, hopefully the children all had a fun and productive half term.
We are now in the second half of Spring term, and still doing lots of revision in maths, grammar and reading.
We are still writing lots too, and one of the main issues that keeps coming up, is handwriting.
It is a focus of our literacy work throughout the school at present, and certainly for some children, some dedicated practice would be very beneficial. One of the criteria for achieving success in writing is that the children can "maintain legibility in joined handwriting when writing at speed".
Some children I know are already beginning to practice at home on forming and joining letters, this would be a very useful use of time for all children in Year 6.
This half term, our topic in Key Stage 2 is Maps and Mapping, and Year 6 will be revising the countries of the United Kingdom, the continents of the world, the counties of the United Kingdom, countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania, and then an in depth study of South America.
So we should be very busy!!
Spring Term 2020
First half 
Ancient Rome
A very warm welcome to the Spring Term 2020
In Year 6, we will be gearing up for more revision this term ready for the assessments in May.
In Literacy, we are having a strong focus on reading and comprehension and will be encouraging children to read regularly to increase their speed, stamina and confidence in reading. In guided reading, our focus will be inference, deduction and evidencing. Please ensure your child reads regularly and that you monitor this reading please.
In grammar, we will revise determiners, prepositions, modal verbs, progressive and perfect tenses and the subjunctive form.
In writing, we will be studying Shakespeare's Macbeth and writing newspaper reports, stories with flashbacks and looking at the power of imagery as our genre foci.
In Maths, lessons will be revising area and perimeter, as well as decimals, percentages and algebra. Morning maths will focus on arithmetic and problem solving as usual.
In Science, the children will be revising electricity and light.
Our Humanities topic as you can see from our page is Ancient Rome. A set of key instant recall facts, KIRFs, has been drafted and lessons will cover this knowledge. 
In French, children will revise and extend their vocabulary by looking at places to visit and how to use conversational phrases.
In Music, we will be learning more about the history of music and famous pieces and build an understanding of how music has changed and developed over time.
Children will receive homework supporting our class work and revising areas covered this year already. 
Spring Term first half.
Below are some amazing pieces of quality writing that the children produced for the Youth Speaks competition being held this year in Polwhele School on Thursday 23rd January.
The pieces of writing were written for homework and the children then auditioned for the role of main speaker in the competition.
The choice for the judges was extremely difficult, as all these wonderful pieces of work were read aloud.
We hope you enjoy reading them.
Autumn Term 2019
Second half - Festivals and Faiths 
Year 6 - Islam
Autumn 2019 
First half - The Victorians
September 2019
A very warm welcome back to a new school year, we hope you had a very enjoyable summer holiday.
Your children have made a fantastic start to their new term, their final year at primary school and their biggest challenge yet.
We hope they will enjoy a year of learning and growing, a year of being important role models for fellow Kea pupils and a year of changes, challenges and triumphs.
It was lovely to see so many parents and carers at the meeting this week.
There is a link below for a website offering you access to past SATs papers, if you would like any further information, please email the school office and they will pass on any questions to me.
Our first half term's topic is "Victorians" and we will be looking at chronology, technology and famous people from this period who have influenced our lives.
We will be covering punctuation, grammar and composition in literacy, with a focus on editing and improving written work.
We will be covering place value and calculation methods this half term in maths, looking at arithmetic and the four number operations. 
Children are currently applying by letter for important roles and responsibilities they wish to carry out, each pupil will have a role in the wider school community as well as additional responsibilities in class.
So far, the children have made a very smooth transition from Year 5 and are settling in well to Year 6.
We have added the Welcome to Year 6 powerpoint presentation to the Letters and Overviews page of Year 6 website area, for any parents who were unable to attend the meeting this week.
SCHOOL YEAR 2018 - 2019
Goodbye to Barton Hall 2019 - Dear Parents and Carers
We have had a wonderful time at school camp this year. 
A huge 'Thank You' to Mrs Tucker and Mrs Lawry, who were superb company.
Your children were absolutely wonderful company too.
Loud, funny, brave, independent and a credit to our school. 
From settling down well every night and staying in their beds until morning, to challenging themselves and their peers each day.
From supporting each other through homesick moments to running each other ragged around the green outside our chalets, the children were fantastic.
We had many compliments on our behaviour from the PGL staff, which made the teachers very proud.
We also made most noise in the hall while singing and chanting awaiting our meal call, our main rival was a school of 59 pupils who quite frankly were out-sung, out-shouted and out-chanted most days!
If you don't believe me, ask your child to do the Moose-Alpaca song!!
Friday 7th June 2019
Last day at Barton Hall PGL camp.
Some Abseiling and Problem Solving today, in the rain. We have some fantastic film clips of children challenging themselves to overcome their fears and doing the tower, they are unfortunately too long to upload here but please come and see me to see your child in action. 
We also did some of what this year's Year 6 do best....dancing. We had a talent show in our last session and finished it off with an awesome group dance, led as always by the fabulous Mrs Tucker. She danced for some of every day we were away, we just couldn't stop her!
Thursday 6th June 2019
School Camp at Barton Hall PGL
Another busy day here at PGL, and some beautiful weather too. 
We have done some Quad Biking today, as well as Archery. We have some clips below. We also had groups doing Aeroball, the Challenge Course which is the wooden assault course with the ladders and crates, as well as the Survivor using outdoor skills in the woods.
Thursday additional.
A favourite part of school camp is the camp fire on the last evening, the children get to sing songs, hear stories and play games round a fire and it was  a lovely final activity this year with our PGL liaison, Lou. She was so super with the children and they loved having her to work with.
Wednesday 5th June 2019
Hello from Year 6 School Camp at PGL Barton Hall in Torquay.
When we are called for our meal times, there is sometimes a short wait, so we are kept entertained by our fantastic PGL group leader, Lou. She runs some of our activities, and looks after our school party as well as providing our evening entertainment sessions. She's brilliant!
Wednesday additional
Today, we have been in three groups again, and some of the activities we have done you can watch on the following clips. They include Buggy Building, a giant Flintstones-like car made from barrels and poles and ropes, the Challenge Course where children have to work as a team negotiating obstacles and keeping their feet off the ground, and Survivor, in which they use knives, make fires and build camps. 
Enjoy the clips.
Tuesday 4th June 2019 
Today at Barton Hall PGL, we have done Problem Solving, Sensory Trail, Buggy Building and we have all done Fencing. There are some clips of some noble swords-folk and some others who I asked to look menacing.
Judge for yourself. 
Getting down to the final two in any game or competition at PGL results in a Moo-Off, a terrifying confrontation to see who can out-moo their opponent and make them smile first. 
Monday 3rd June 
Hello to parents and carers. We have arrived safe and well at Barton Hall PGL and have been swimming and had our evening meal. We are just taking part in our evening activity, which is called Passport To The World. Tomorrow, we have a very busy day with four activities. 
We will keep you updated daily, as long as the Wi-Fi holds up!
Relaxing outside our accommodation blocks, having lunch.
Our Aquafun session in the pool.
Dear Parents and Carers of Year 6 pupils
Below is the link I have mentioned to some of you which takes you to a website where you can download SATs papers from previous years.
You need to register interest with a valid email address, then will be prompted to enter this again each time you use the website.
SATs papers from previous years are available to view or to download.
The papers from 2016 onwards are the most valuable, as they are the most up to date and reflective of the current testing arrangements.
If you have any questions or queries, please email the school office for my attention and I will be happy to discuss any matters with you. 
Thank you
Simon Miles
Spring Term 2nd half
This half term, we are learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age times. 
We will learn about how technology and lifestyles changed over these formative periods in history, and how we find out information about ancient peoples.
Below, you will find some stunning poems Year 6 have written during the Spring term, based on Rudyard Kipling's famous poem, "If".
We worked in pairs and thought about our dreams, hopes and aspirations as well as how to advise our friends and peers, we came up with these very impressive visions and would love to hear your thoughts on them.
This term, our Humanities topic is called The Voyage of the Mystery, a heroic story of Cornish fisherman sailing to Australia in a tiny fishing vessel to start a new life.
In Science, we are studying Light and Electricity.
We will of course be continuing with practice for SATs in grammar, reading, writing and maths.  
We have begun to read extracts from Macbeth in literacy
Spring Term 1st half
We are learning about the Voyage of the Mystery. 
In 1854, seven fishermen from Newlyn set off in a 36 foot boat to sail to Australia in search of a better life. They made such excellent time, that they were even charged with carrying the Queen's mail.
Spring 2019
Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth.
We learned lots from a superb drama presentation about the Voyage of the Mystery, a one man show bringing to life the amazing journey made over 150 years ago.
The children also learned rope making skills, how to sail model boats, and a wealth of other seafaring facts. We were all captivated by the incredible Titanic Stories exhibit, and the children are really excited by the promise of some follow up work about the fateful vessel.
A huge Thank You to Kea School Friends for helping to support the cost of the trip.
Below, you can see some of our writing inspired by the 100 year anniversary of the ending of the First World War. We chose to write letters or diary entries, imagining that we were young soldiers caught up in the tragic conflict and how we wanted to share feelings and thoughts with those closest to our hearts. We hope you enjoy reading them.
SCHOOL YEAR 2017 - 2018
Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 6.
We have had an amazing term so far, with two superb topics going on, an exciting school visit, an amazing school camp, an awe inspiring sporting competition and some beautiful sunny weather. There was even some time to sit some tests, I seem to remember - but we won't dwell on those. The children are preparing for their final school production with a World War 2 themed story of deceit and daring do's.
Please make sure you check our website and your letters home for important dates and information. 
Hello from Barton Hall PGL.
We all arrived safely and the children have been settling in and playing lots of games and are currently engaged in their Passport To The World activity. 
We have all had our evening meal and are now running off some energy. 
We have a packed itinerary tomorrow so we are keeping fingers crossed for plenty of sleep tonight. 
We will keep you posted...
5 June 7.40am Good morning from Barton Hall! Most slept well - certainly all was quiet between 11.30 and just before 6. All tucking in hungrily to bacon, hash browns, spaghetti and cereal or porridge before heading off for today’s activities. Aero ball, aqua fun, trapeze and sports teams and games are on the agenda for today... No sunshine yet but we’re keeping our fingers crossed! 
Tuesday lunchtime now and we've completed two sessions covering four different challenges, Aeroball, Sensory Trail, Crate Challenge and Aquafun. Have a look at some of the photos below...
It's Tuesday evening and after a very long and action packed day, the children are settling down for the night and getting ready for even more adventures and challenge tomorrow. We have seen some brave and courageous children today taking part in blindfold trails, zip wire high speed and feats on the high wire trapeze. You can see some more photos of our afternoon fun below.
Wednesday - 6 June
Everyone has a much better sleep last night and have filled up with sausages, mushrooms and beans for breakfast.  Groups are having fun abseiling and zip wire at the moment. Hopefully we’ll post more pictures later.
Wednesday today, an eventful and exciting day. The children began their day with breakfast at 7.20, then two activities in the morning and two in the afternoon. Today some of us have done abseiling, canoeing, been on the Giant Swing and completed the high wired Crate Challenge.
Tomorrow, we have another packed day with activities like Buggy Building, orienteering and fencing, with an early start to cram in as much as possible. 
Two lovely surprises for us, yesterday we won a certificate for scoring the record number of points in water polo this season. Today we were told our school was the best group in the Sports and Team Games that the instructor has had all year! 
Thur 7 June
Good morning! Most slept well again. Some children claim to have had 8 hours sleep which is quite remarkable! One room had a visit from true tooth fairy during the night. Bacon, beans, omelette for breakfast today - everyone seems to be eating well and enjoying their food. Looking forward to another day of activities. 
Thursday today, and the camp is going so fast. It seems like yesterday we were setting off from Kea. We have all had another action packed day, building buggies, building towers with crates, on the trapeze or fencing. We are all greatly looking forward to our campfire tonight. 
Here are some photos from today's fun. We hope you like them and we are all really looking forward to seeing our loved ones tomorrow.
Please see below our awesome group's buggy, three different schools tried to make one, ours was the only one that didn't fall to pieces!
Friday, our final day at Barton Hall. We've had an amazing time, lots of fun, great songs and chants, high wires, harnesses and high speed. Today we rounded off a great camp with some orienteering and finally all our groups met up with some archery lessons. 
Lots of our session leaders complimented Kea children on their superb manners, bravery and great sportsmanship. It was very nice to have such lovely comments and it made us all very proud indeed.
The children have been incredible, a credit to their school and to their parents. 
Here are some of our Friday photos. 
The children all have homework set to be completed by Monday....GET LOTS AND LOTS OF SLEEP!!!
And finally...
As promised, here are some of the fantastic diary entries written by Year 6 children.
The diaries are displayed in our classroom.
We would be delighted if you could come and read them sometime.
They are absolutely stunning.
Thanks to Mrs Tucker who managed to take extra special care with the "authentic" parchment that they are all written on!!
Wednesday 21st February 2018.
Key Stage 2 pupils visited Pendennis Castle to learn about the history of this important place from Tudor times to the present day.
One of our Year 6 pupils used to live in Dubai, so when we studied Islam as a topic in the Autumn term, we were very lucky to be able to borrow some traditional Muslim dress and learn about customs and practices in Islamic countries.
In the Autumn, we studied a local history and geography unit called Our Parish, Our Town. To learn about the importance of Truro Cathedral, we went on a visit and were able to take part in a mock procession and sing in the choir stalls. We really enjoyed the experience.
As part of our literacy work, we studied a child friendly version of Macbeth. It produced a superb display of some stunning soliloquys, some of which you can see here.