Class Information

Welcome to Year 5

Teacher: Mrs Drzymala and Mrs Samuels

Teaching Assistant: Mr Cotterill, Mrs Goodchild, Mrs Evans


Year 5 Teacher Book Recommendations!
Mrs Samuels recommends:
"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens 
"Bah" said Scrooge, "Humbug".
Ebeneezer Scrooge is a grouch. He is a greedy businessman who never has a kind word for anyone and is infamous for his lack of Christmas cheer. When the three ghosts of Christmas pay him a visit, Scrooge is given the opportunity to examine his conscience. But will he be transformed by the spirit of Christmas?  
Autumn term 2
In the second part of the autumn term the children have been learning about statistics. They have been reading and interpreting line graphs before drawing some of their own. They have been reading and interpreting tables and timetables. They are moving onto multiplication and division and they will will be learning about multiples, factors, square and cube numbers before moving onto multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. 
In the second part of the autumn term the children have been reading and exploring features of diary writing before writing their own diary entries using our class book 'Running Wild' as inspiration. They are moving onto explanation texts, reading and note-taking about various processes, then writing an explanation text themselves. Lastly, they will be finishing of the term with reading exciting stories from other cultures and using these as an inspiration for their own stories. Wherever possible we will be linking our literacy writing to our topic for this half term, Hinduism. 
In the second part of the autumn term the children have been learning about forces and building on their knowledge of gravity, air resistance, friction, water resistance and buoyancy. They will be planning and carrying out experiments to answer questions based on the forces. For example, they will plan and carry out an experiment to investigate air resistance using parachutes. 
Harvest class assembly 
Today in class we had our Harvest class assembly. The children enjoyed a Bible story called 'Sealed with a Sandal' which was all about two women who were helped when they had no home, no food and no money. We talked about helping others and the great work done by the food banks. 
We learnt all about how people in need can be supported by their local food bank and learnt about what they do, how people get their food parcels and what happens to the food donations once they've been received.  
We also enjoyed sharing the amazing acrostic poems about harvest time which the children wrote earlier in the week. They illustrated them beautifully. Have a look at their wonderful work in the pictures below!
Welcome to Year 5!
Our topic for this half term is the Tudors and Stuarts. We have  lots of exciting things planned and the children have already got off to a flying start by making Tudor houses, shields and Tudor Roses in their first week! Wherever possible, our work will be linked to our topic, The Tudors and Stuarts. 


In maths we will be starting with place value, exploring numbers to 10,000, rounding up to and within 10,000, then moving onto numbers to 100,000. We will be learning to count in powers of 10, then compare and order numbers to 100,000. We will then move onto negative numbers and roman numerals. 

In Literacy we will be learning the features of biography writing then putting them to use by writing biographies about famous historical figures from the Tudor period. Later on in the term we will be reading and learning to write persuasive texts. 
Homework will be set on Fridays then collected in on Wednesdays. Children are welcome to bring homework back in earlier than Wednesday if they wish! 
Our P.E lessons will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children can come into school wearing their P.E kit on these days. They can either wear their normal green school jumper/cardigan or their red hoodie should they wish. As the weather gets colder, children might prefer to wear joggers or leggings (grey or black).  
Take a look at links to the grammar we will be learning this term!