This Week's Learning

Today's Welcome Video
This Week's Learning - Literacy and Maths
Monday resources
Monday literacy video - Captain Cook comprehensions
Find the comprehensions, for you to read independently, underneath the video.
Monday maths video - 
Tuesday resources
Tuesday literacy video and resources
Tuesday grammar lesson- 
You will need a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. 
In the following video, we will look at grammar questions linked to the key words and technical words in the piece. When answering these, you can either print off the printable question sheet or watch the video and answer verbally by stopping the video after each question. The answers can be found below. 
Grammar lesson top tips video
Tuesday maths video - 
Wednesday resources
Wednesday literacy video and resources
Wednesday maths video 
Thursday resources
Thursday literacy video and resources
Thursday maths video 
Friday resources
Friday literacy video and resources
Friday maths video 
This Week's Learning - Afternoons

Afternoon Learning


Below are links to BBC Bitesize and the National Oak Academy learning sites.


You can choose from any of the computing, science, art and design, history or geography lessons.


You can do them in any order, and on any day.


Here is a link to the daily Joe Wicks P.E. workout


Here is a link to the Cosmic Yoga page for a more chilled out workout


Extension activities -
for when you need extra challenge!!
Last Week's Learning
(in case you missed it)