This Week's Learning

This Week's Learning Plan
Assignments- Please send a photo of:
  • Tuesday’s handwriting task
  • Wednesday’s spelling task
  • Thursday’s introduction to your report. 
Monday 25th January 2021
Monday literacy video - Captain Cook comprehensions
Find the comprehensions, for you to read independently, underneath the video.
Monday Teaching Video - Maths
This week's math's focus is perimeter. This includes measuring perimeter, perimeter in rectangles, rectilinear shapes and calculating perimeter. A glossary can be found below with examples of each of these with key words and knowledge that may come up this week. Paper copies of the questions will be available on Monday morning from 10.00am (in the reception area of school) if you so wish-but are not essential- as there is also an interactive PowerPoint available for the measuring perimeter which includes an interactive ruler when used in non-slideshow format.  
Thank you for all your continued support -it is very much appreciated
Mrs D
Tuesday 26th January 2021
Tuesday 26th January English Lesson 
Introduction to grammar lesson video
You will need a pen/pencil and a piece of paper
In the following video, we will look at grammar questions linked to the key words and technical words in the piece. When answering these, you can either print off the printable question sheet or watch the video and answer verbally by stopping the video after each question. The answers can be found below. 
Grammar lesson top tips video
Tuesday Teaching Video - Maths
Wednesday 27th January 2021
Wednesday 27th January English Lesson
Wednesday Teaching Video - Maths
Thursday 28th January 2021
Thursday 28th January English Lesson
Thursday Teaching Video - Maths 
Friday 29th January 2021
Friday 29th January English Lesson
Friday Teaching Video- Maths

Afternoon Learning

 For further suggestions and ready-made lessons, go to the BBC home learning or Oak Academy pages. There are also lots of materials on your class General Resources.

Choose from any of the computing, science, art and design, history or geography lessons. You can do them in any order.


Science Lesson - Materials