This Week's Learning

Here is some of the amazing work we've been receiving. Thank you!
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Monday 20th July


Hello Wonderful Year 2! Almost your summer hols! 


Thank you so much for the wonderful Cornish hampers! What a lovely and generous gift! We've already go stuck into them!

 Just two days of planning this week. There's also some optional summer holidays tasks in this week's learning. Stay safe and can't wait to see you all in September!


Our class book we were reading and loving before Easter is still available for free as an audiobook online! It is read by the wonderful author, Julian Clary! Enjoy!


If you have finished that, why not choose another book from the world book day page. The ‘Nothing to see here hotel’ sounds great!

Weekly Planning W.B. 20.07.20

End of KS1 Targets


June is normally a very busy month in year 2. We are usually looking at all of the end of KS1 objectives and seeing where individual children need support before moving up to KS2. If there are any specific areas in maths or writing where you feel your child is struggling and you're not sure how to support,  please let us know. Also, have a look at these two documents.


1)           The writing assessment expectations for year 2. Share these with your child. Choose targets from this for your child before starting a new piece of extended writing. Reward successfully meeting a target.


2)         The maths exemplification document for year 2. If there are specific areas of maths your child is struggling with, look them up in this document. This will provide explanation and examples of how to support your child with all KS1 maths expectations.

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