This Week's Learning

Message from Mrs Hunkin - Thursday 14 January 
Weekly Home Learning Plan Week Beginning 11th January 2021
Here is the Learning Plan for Foundation Class for this week - previous learning plans can be found further down this page.  Once again, this is a guide, please do not feel overwhelmed by the tasks and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the office.  Thank you to those families who have already uploaded work to Tapestry, we are checking on there daily and would love to see examples of your work.
Please also scroll down to under 'This Week's Learning' to 'Afternoon Subjects'.  Here you will find resources for activities for other areas of the curriculum.  Some will be 5 week plans, some will be added weekly. 
Note: Please bear in mind that the resources will be added and adapted to as we move through the week.  We will endeavour not to make last minute changes as we know you will like to prepare.  It's been quite challenge to get up and running, but we endeavour to make this as easy for you as possible.  We're nearly there!
There will be 2 live story time sessions this week for Foundation Class.
Wednesday 13th at 2pm - hosted by Mrs Harvey
Thursday 14th at 2pm - hosted by Mrs Marley
We can't wait to see as many of you as possible joining in with us!
There is no specific maths video to go with today's activities but Mrs Marley will be uploading a video during the day to show some practical ideas for embedding maths in your day to day activities.
Afternoon Subjects
Below are the lesson plans for afternoon subjects.  Some plans will be for the half term, others will be put on weekly.
This plan is for 5 weeks.
This plan is in 2 sections: the first activity can be done in 1 afternoon/session whilst the second activity will take between 2-4 sessions.
Video message and assembly story from Mrs Hunkin Friday 8 January
Here are the previous weekly home learning plans for Foundation.  
We would love to see your work, please feel free to upload photos on Tapestry - we will be checking it regularly and will leave feedback!
Here are some more ideas for afternoon activities.  Whilst these may have a 'transport' theme, they involve other really important YF skills such as cutting and joining the dots - these will help your child develop their fine motor skills and still have fun!
We will add more ideas throughout the day, BUT please do not feel overwhelmed or that you have to do everything.