This Week's Homework

 Homework will be given out each Friday and is to be handed in the following Wednesday. This is to ensure that children get the opportunity to complete their homework on time even if they have mislaid it or have had a busy weekend. On Monday lunchtime a homework club is available to enable children to complete it with assistance or simply within a quiet space. 

With all the homework set, please try as much as you can but don't hesitate to ask if you need some help! 


Have a great weekend



Home Learning - w/c 17.01.22
Home Learning - w/c 17.01.22
There are 2 new maths videos and 2 new maths worksheets set for this week which should take between 2-3 days to complete.
Please complete and email into the school office. 
In English, we are reading Aboriginal narrative tales and converting them into playscripts to show Y4. This week's story is the story of The river which was made from tears. Once you have completed the sheets to help you understand the story fully, turn the story into a playscript. Don't forget to include stage directions and setting the scene. 
Reading and Writing
This week please continue with your playscript- The Rainbow Serpent. Then complete the work on 'The river which was made from tears' and then change it from a narrative to a playscript. 
Also complete the grammar on adjectives/ adverbs and parenthesis
Over the coming weeks, we will be completing lots of work related to our Year 5 and 6 spellings. Please familiarise yourself with these spellings. 
Reading is the key to learning! Please read for at least 20 minutes a day to an adult or to yourself. If you are stuck and need help choosing a book- see me! 
Remember if you don't love reading- you just haven't found the right book yet! 
Times Tables
Remember times tables are crucial to many areas of math. To know them off by heart helps make learning new concepts so much easier. Please try to work on these daily.