This Week's Homework

Spring Term First Half
Autumn Term second half 2021
Autumn Term first half 2021
Home Learning  - Spring Term 
Work through the PowerPoint and worksheets for each subject. Make sure you complete as much as you can. Remember, you can do the work on paper - you don't need to print out the worksheets. 
As a guide, the work below should take between 3-5 days, depending on the speed at which your child works. Please ensure they watch the video before completing the worksheet. When completed, please email into the school office. 
Math Home Learning w/c 06/12/21
Literacy Home Learning w/c 06/12/21
Like we did during last week's learning, please read through the persuasive text (Should children be allowed to own pets?) and then use the [ ] to separate the text into sections according to the symbols on the planning sheet (like we did in class). 
After this, take the main points from each section and record the information using bullet points in the corresponding box on the planning sheet. 
We are teaching RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) this year in a slightly different way to previous years, in Year 6 we are catching up teaching the Year 4 and  5 units first then proceeding on to the Year 6 units.
Below is an overview of the lesson content and a Scheme of Work for each year being covered, if you have any specific questions or queries about how this will be taught, please contact the office by email in the usual way.
Home learning WB 18.10.21
Use of suffixes -ed, -ful. -less, -fully, -lessly, -ment, -ness
Find words that end with these suffixes and use them in a sentence. Can you use any in an exciting sentence?There are some great games here to test your suffix knowledge!
Watch this video on YouTube (check with a grown up first).
Write the following sentence types using inspiration from the film:
Simile- e.g. His sword twinkled like a star in the sky
if,if,if, then- e.g. If he could reach his opponent, if he could engage in a deadly battle, if he were finally killed, then he could attain his aim of reaching Valhalla.
First word last- Defeated, he stood on the mountain top defeated.
Can you retell an episode? See if you can use the sentence types above in your retelling.
Then, plan and write your own episode!
Follow the White Rose Home Learning units found here
Evolution and Inheritance.
See the presentation and activity sheets below.
Also- have a go at researching Charles Darwin. What can you find out? Bring your research back into school with you.
Try this website for starters!
Home learning below for 13.10.21
Victorious Viking reading comprehension (see below)  Read through the text and answer the questions. There are 3 different difficulty levels (indicated by the stars). Start with the 2 star questions- if you are finding them too tricky, then try the 1 star. If you find them to easy, try the 3 star!
Writing task- Use this link to the video on Literacy Shed. Watch the video and then have a go at writing a description of the setting at the start of the video. Try to use as much imaginative and interesting language as you can. Simile, metaphor, personification and amazing adjectives and adverbs are all welcome!
If you need a reminder of these writing techniques, the BBC Bitesize website it great for this!
Maths- Have a go at this lesson on the White Rose website.  Practise your times tables, number bonds and facts using Times Table Rock Stars and Hit The Button (links on main class page)
Home Learning - 06.01.2022