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Below is our learning in class from this week.

Maths: follow the link to watch the 5 White Rose videos which match this week's maths. The accompanying activity sheets are below.


w.b. 19th October White Rose Maths Year 4 Home Learning Week 5


This week we are planning and writing a historical recount.
Listen to this BBC radio drama which imagines that, by mistake, a child is on a ship in  the battle against the Spanish Armada.
Imagine that you were the child in the story -write the story from the child's point of view (as if you were telling someone what had happened to you when you were a child).
Paragraph 1 -introduce the subject and place in history
Paragraph 2 -how you ended up on the ship
Paragraph 3 -the battle which you saw
Paragraph 4- the fireships
Paragraph 5- a conclusion of how it ended