This Week's Home Learning

Hello Year 4. Here is where you will find our learning plan for this week and our video lessons. Any resources you need are on this page. Don't forget to look here every day for our class story too.

We want you and your parents to feel reassured that we are still here to support you with your learning, so please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office if you need our help. 


Home Learning 25th to 29th January
(Scroll down to the bottom if you still need anything from last week)
Our Class Story Aesop's Fables
Monday Story 4: The Monkey as King CLICK HERE
Tuesday Story 5: The Bundle of Sticks CLICK HERE
Wednesday Story 6:The Gnat and the Lion CLICK HERE
Thursday Story 7: The North Wind and the Sun CLICK HERE
Friday Story 8: The fox and the Grapes CLICK HERE
This Week's Home Learning Plan
Monday 25th January
Spelling  Lesson Monday
Literacy Lesson Monday
Maths Lesson Monday
Tuesday 26th January
Spelling Lesson Tuesday
Literacy Lesson Tuesday
Maths Lesson Tuesday 
Wednesday 27th January
Spelling Lesson Wednesday
Literacy Lesson Wednesday
Maths Lesson Wednesday
Thursday 28th January
Spelling Lesson Thursday
Literacy Lesson Thursday
Maths Lesson Thursday
Friday 29th January
Spelling Lesson Friday
Literacy Lesson Friday
Maths Lesson Friday 
Afternoon Learning

Below are some suggestions for foundation subjects for this week. For further suggestions and ready-made lessons, go to the BBC home learning or Oak Academy pages. There are also lots of materials on your class General Resources.

CLICK HERE for BBC Bitesize

CLICK HERE for The National Academy

Science STEM Activity
Every week Dr Carey and his 5-year-old assistant will have a go at one of the Science experiments from the Crest Superstar STEM challenges and make a short video to show what they’ve done. All the activities are available here:
CLICK HERE  for Super Star Challenges for 5-11s
CLICK HERE for Super Star Challenges for 5-7s

This week Super Spinners. 


Kit list  


  • A4 Paper   

  • Paperclips, Blu–Tack or Staples (for weight)  

  • Scissors   

  • Templates for spinners (optional template in the instructions if you think children will need them)  

  • Timer  

  • Other types of paper and card   



Watch the video and have a go yourself!




Watch Joe Wicks live at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (These are also be saved on the YouTube page if you miss them. Click on the videos tab)

Feeling more Cosmic? Try a Cosmic yoga class instead! (These are amazing!)

Geography Topic Rivers


Art Lesson:  

You will need: 

A pencil 

Felt tips 


Open the document “You tube links for cartoon drawing”, choose what you would like to draw, and get started! 

one minute timer
(don't get distracted by watching for the bomb to explode instead of doing your work!)
Previous Home Learning
Our Class Story The Wind in the Willows
Monday Episode 9: Like Summer Tempests Come His Tears CLICK HERE
Tuesday Episode 10: The Return of Toad CLICK HERE
Our Class Story Aesop's Fables
Wednesday 1:The hare and the tortoise CLICK HERE
Thursday 2: The frogs and the ox CLICK HERE
Friday 3: The fox and the crow CLICK HERE
Message from Mrs Hunkin  Thursday 21st January