Welcome to the Kea School Maths page.
At Kea, we believe that all children should be encouraged to develop:

• a deep understanding of maths and number
• a positive, resilient attitude towards maths
• competence and confidence in their mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills.
• an ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically, to work systematically and to be accurate
• a range of learning strategies, allowing pupils to work both collaboratively and independently
• fluency in mathematics, allowing children to express ideas and use mathematical language
• an understanding of the importance of mathematics as part of their everyday life.
• as independent learners who take responsibility for their own learning.

Below is our Calculation policy to download, a whole school structured approach for teaching counting and calculation throughout a child's journey at Kea School.
It's the "How we teach number work".
Below is our Curriculum overview to download. It is an outline of all the different areas of maths covered in each year group.
Tables activities
Please find below some resources I have put together to help with working on multiplication tables with your child at home. I am hoping to explain a bit more about these at the parent workshop scheduled for Tuesday 24th March, but I am working on putting together a quick guide should that meeting not be able to take place. 
The packs below contain quick to do tables tests to practice at home.
Another great resource for learning tables, is Times Tables Rock Stars. Below are some instructions on how to use the website and a link to follow if you want to log in and play!
Key Instant Recall Facts-

‘Muscle Maths’


Key Instant Recall Facts known as ‘Muscle Maths’ at Kea, are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the mathematics work in school. They are particularly useful when calculating and cover:

Place Value, Multiplication & Division, Number Bonds & Multiplication, Doubles/Halves and Addition & Subtraction.

Muscle Maths takes places at least 3 times each week, in small daily bursts to ensure that the skill is practised and embedded so that children grow in confidence to recall their facts instantly.

The Muscle Math’s card has three columns and the children aim to complete a column within three minutes. Once this target has been achieved, the children will gain their star award for that card (bronze award); the next target will be to complete two columns in three minutes (silver award) and finally, all three (gold award).


The children will begin to work on their ‘Muscle Maths’ from the Summer Term and skills will be published to parents so that they know what their child is working on as part of the communication with parents at the start of each half term (overview). Homework may include some of these skills so parents can help their children to embed them.

In September 2016, Kea Community Primary School began transitioning towards a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. We aim to achieve this within three years.
This approach is aimed at getting the very best out of every child through carefully crafted lessons and resources which foster deep conceptual and procedural knowledge. 
Mathematics lessons look a little different now. To find out more, read the guide for parents below.
Here are some of the manipulatives used in Year 3's maths lessons.
Building 3-digit numbers
Here are some useful websites for maths games, activities and homework.