Last Week's Learning (22nd to 26th February)

Home Learning 22nd to 26th February

Hello Year 4. Here is where you will find our learning plan for this week and our video lessons. Any resources you need are on this page. Don't forget to look here every day for our class story too. We want you and your parents to feel reassured that we are still here to support you with your learning, so please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office if you need our help. 

Join us for our live assemblies this week:
Tuesday 23rd  February at 1:30
Join us for a 'Daily Draw,' a fun quiz and our draw on your head game. Bring something to write on.
Thursday 25th February at 9:15
Join us for a 'Daily Draw’, TTRS Top 10 and final round of The Tray Game. Bring something to write on.
Assignments for this week (please submit onto Teams):
  • Monday Spelling Test
  • Thursday Writing Task
  • Friday Math's Check Up
Our Class Story How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell:
Monday Chapters 5 and 6 CLICK HERE
Tuesday Chapter 7 CLICK HERE
Wednesday Chapter 8 CLICK HERE
Thursday Chapter 9 CLICK HERE
Friday Chapter 10 CLICK HERE
This Week's Home Learning Plan
Monday 22nd February
Spelling  and Handwriting Lesson Monday
Literacy Lesson Monday
Maths Lesson Monday
Tuesday 23rd February
Spelling and Handwriting Lesson Tuesday
Literacy Lesson Tuesday
Maths Lesson Tuesday
Wednesday 24th February
Spelling and Handwriting Lesson Wednesday
Literacy Lesson Wednesday
Maths Lesson Wednesday
Thursday 25th February
Spelling and Handwriting Lesson Thursday
Literacy Lesson Thursday
Maths Lesson Thursday

Friday 26th February
Spelling and Handwriting Lesson Friday 
Literacy Lesson Friday
Maths Lesson Friday 
Afternoon Learning

Below are some suggestions for foundation subjects for this week. For further suggestions and ready-made lessons, go to the BBC home learning or Oak Academy pages. There are also lots of materials on your class General Resources.

CLICK HERE for BBC Bitesize

CLICK HERE for The National Academy

Art Competition