Last Week's Learning (22nd Feb-26th Feb)

Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February
Welcome to your new online learning page Year 3
On this page you will find your learning and resources for each week.
The planning is set out weekly so that you have some flexibility when you complete each task and you can see how your learning will progress across the week.
There are lots of resources to help you below.
Please remember, don't worry if you can't get through all of the learning each day.
We want you and your parents to feel reassured that we are still here to support you with your learning, so please don't hesitate to contact us via the school office if you need our help.
Mr Carey and Mrs Green
Join us for our live assembly this week.
Monday 22nd February at 1.30
Join us to look at the week ahead and enjoy a story or talk on a topical subject.
Friday 26th February at 1.30
Bring along some art or other creative work to show your friends and play a game or enjoy a story.
Weekly Plan
Please note that printable resources do not have to be printed out unless you want to. You can simply work from the screen and write your answers on a piece of paper.
Assignments due this week. Please submit 1-4 onto Teams.

1Thursday literacy – Choose your best piece of direct speech writing from Wednesday or Thursday to submit to Teams. 


2Friday Maths – Please send your Maths work from Friday. (Friday’s multiplication, addition and subtraction starter AND Friday’s work on Pictograms.) 


3) Friday Spelling - Please mark your spellings carefully from the lesson video, and then submit your score to Mrs. Green. 


4Show the class what you have been up to this week in your Chinese New Year work. Please submit whatever you would like to show to Teams if you can, and we will make up a PowerPoint of your work. 


5) Hope Springs Art competition due next week. (Also, bring in the actual art when we return to school please.)

Monday 22nd February
Tuesday, 23rd February
Wednesday 24th February
Thursday, 25th February
Friday, 26th February
Empty! Please add a resource.
Empty! Please add a resource.
Daily Maths Resources
Muscle Maths
Times Tables
Daily Challenges
Further learning
For further suggestions an.d ready-made lessons, go to the BBC home learning or Oak Academy pages. There are also lots of materials on your class General Resources.
Choose from any of the computing, science, art and design, history or geography lessons. You can do them in any order
Our Class Story How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell:
Monday Chapters 5 and 6 CLICK HERE
Tuesday Chapter 7 CLICK HERE
Wednesday Chapter 8 CLICK HERE
Thursday Chapter 9 CLICK HERE
Friday Chapter 10 CLICK HERE