Last Week's Learning (22nd -26th February)

Weekly Home Learning Plan
Week Beginning 22nd February 2021
We do hope that you have all had a good half term.  We are looking forward to sharing with you our planned learning for the start of this half term.  
Here is the Learning Plan for Foundation Class for this week. Previous plans can be found on last week's learning page on the website.
As ever, we love to see what you have been up to with your learning at home.  So, please upload this to Tapestry.  Specifically this week, we would like to see:
- Your finished pair of pants that you have designed with some writing about them.
- One piece of maths work you really enjoyed doing this week.
We also look forward to seeing you live again next week.  Mrs Harvey's live lesson is at 2.30 on Monday 22nd February and Mrs Marley's is at 2.30 on Friday 26th January.
At the present moment in time, we are not sure when we will welcome you all back in school.  However, we very much look forward to that time.
Many thanks,
Catherine and Lisa
Please note that RWInc online lessons appear from 9:30 each day. This will mean that RWInc will need to take place after 9:30 for both school and home learners to stay in line with each other.  The link to the daily video lessons is at the top of the page.
Afternoon Subjects
Below are the lesson plans for afternoon subjects. 
Topic - Special Days and Celebrations
This term we will be learning about a variety of topics, , including lots of different special days and events.  As we are leading up to Easter, we will also be hearing some stories that Jesus told.  This week we are starting by learning about 'The Wise Man and The Foolish Man'.  
Our science this week is all about materials.  Your children will have the chance to investigate the properties of different materials, sort hard and soft materials and even build houses on different surfaces.
This week you can enjoy listening to some of the instruments from an orchestra.  You can watch videos and learn a bit about the instruments.
This week, your children could try creating a 'Stormy Scene'.  In school, we will be mixing primary colours to see which secondary colours we can make and then choosing some of them to paint a stormy picture.  
Over the next two weeks, we will be talking about sharing.  Look through the PowerPoint below with an adult and talk about the pictures.  What will you do to share this week?
We recognise that lots of families want to move away from screen-based physical activity and have included the document below which gives suggestions for PE activities that can be done without needed to follow on-screen instructions or videos.  We hope you find this useful.