Class Information

Welcome to Year 1

Class Teacher – Mrs Rebecca Olive

Teaching Assistants-Mrs Addey, Mrs Leverton, , Mrs Averre and Mrs Robbins

Summer Term 1 2019
This term we will be learning about the important role toys play in our lives today and long ago in the past.
We will be finding out about our favourite toys and how they are the same or different to our parents'  and grandparents' toys. We will look at pictures, handle old and new toys and visit Truro Museum to learn about even more about toys from a long time ago.
In literacy we will learn , recite and write poems about toys, with a special focus on pattern and rhyme in poetry. Some of the poems we will study are "The Toy's Playtime" and "What's In The Box?"
We will also improve our non fiction writing skills by producing a history book about toys. We will make this available in the school library.
Watch this space for lots of our exciting learning!
Please see the Parent Topic Overview and Parent Maths overview for more details.
                         Royal Cornwall Museum Visit
We took part in some "Toys " workshops to learn more about toys from a long time ago. We watched a magic lantern show and discovered what life was like before television and cinemas. We sorted toys from the Victorian times up to the modern day. We discovered that the Victorian toys were made of natural materials like wood, leather, wool and fabrics. New toys are usually made of plastic and are powered by batteries or electricity. We also made some lovely little peg dolls , just like the dolls the Victorian children would have made and played with. We had a brilliant morning and learned loads more about toys.
We have been learning to compare numbers. We have used a range of resources to compare numbers and have represented our comparisons in drawings and number sentences.
        Science - Animals in our Local Environment
In Science we are investigating animals around the school grounds. We have explored the playground, the wooded area and the orchard so far and these are some of the animals we found. Lots of the animals were hiding under stones, logs and tarpaulins. We will be finding out more about which animals like to hide away and why.
We also went pond dipping and found tadpoles , snails and pond worms.
Here is some of our work from this year so far ...
                           Grace Darling
As part of our topic on "Heroes From The Past", Year 1 have been learning about Grace Darling. 
We started by listing questions about Grace that we wanted to find answers to . 
We asked:
  • Why was Grace Darling a hero?
  • How old was she when she became a hero?
  • Where did Grace live?
  • What did Grace do that was so amazing?
We then used pictures, a power point and a story to find the answers to these questions.
This is what we discovered:
          St Piran's Day
We watched a video and listened to the story of " St Piran". Then we acted out the story  . Open the document below to see our storyboard.
We are reading and learning to write
"Traditional Tales"

We have looked closely at the characteristics of a Traditional Tale.

Here are some of them:

"Once upon a time..."

A good character  "... lived a kind, sweet little girl called..."   or "... a brave, handsome Prince...

A bad character ..." an evil , old witch.." or ".... a big , bad wolf..."

A happy ending "... and they all lived happily ever after. The end."


             We made up some of our own traditional tales to read to Foundation class.                   

We hope you enjoy reading them below.




 Super Science - "Changing Materials"
We are finding out how some materials change. We have learned that water turns into ice when it is frozen and then turns back to water when the ice is warmed again. We explored ice and then watched as we added salt to the ice. It was amazing- we saw and heard the ice crack!
We added water to cornflour and played with the gloopy mixture that was part solid and part liquid.
We created our own human version of molecules in liquid form and molecules in solid form!
Have a look at our science pictures below: 

                                   Falmouth Maritime Museum Visit

We visited the Maritime Museum to find out more about boats and the “Voyage of the Mystery”.We saw how a some of the first boats were carved and dug out from tree trunks. We looked at the similarities and differences between the boats from a long time ago and boats made today.               

We made our own boats and then tested them in the sailing pool. We have brought them back to school to try and improve our designs in DT next week.                                                                                       

We watched a performance by an actor who told the story of the “Voyage of the Mystery” through the eyes of one of the crew, Job Kylynack. We sat around a rope that marked the actual shape and size of the Mystery. We saw the route to Australia on a large map and a we were shown a sextant. A sextant uses the stars to navigate and this is what the fishermen used to find their way to Australia!

                                                    Marvellous Materials
In Science we are exploring materials. We have started with some activities to sort and classify objects according to their properties and the  materials they are made from. We used feely bags to feel and describe the texture and malleability of objects, we sorted objects with the same and different properties and characteristics and we played "What is it?" with our partner as we descibed how an object looked, felt and behaved!
We have explored  materials that are magnetic. We are now investigating metal objects to find out if all metal is attracted to a magnet...
                                                 The Year 1 Travel Agents
In our Travel Agents we are learning how to book a holiday.We have to ask the customer where they would like to visit, how they would like to travel, where they would like to stay and when they would like to leave and return home. 
We are using travel brochures, atlases and maps to look for exciting destinations. We have to check the calendar for dates to travel and return and then we can book a train, plane or boat ticket. We  telephone hotels to make reservations and write out tickets for our customers.
Here are some photos of us working hard at booking and choosing holidays.
Music - "Duration"
We have been listening to , identifying and creating long and short sounds on our percussion instruments. We have used the best long and shorts sounds to accompany "Oh Jack Frost!" Enjoy our short performance below.
Christmas In Europe
 In Year 1 we are learning about Christmas in Sweden.
                                                  Literacy- Poetry
This term we are learning to write poetry. Here is our first whole class poem using adjectives and ideas from last term's "Bolster" story.
Enormous, gigantic, massive giant                             
Unbreakable , hairy,skinny, bony, bumpy hands.
Soft, spiky, short, grassy hair.
Mean ,nasty, evil, cruel giant Bolster !
By Year 1 
Apple Poems-We have improved our poetry by using our 5 senses to describe an apple. Look at all the adjectives we have used.
Firework Poems-We used adjectives and similes in our firework poems!
         Diwali Poems - We used adjectives, similes and alliteration in our Diwali poems.
                                       Part whole models
We are learning about Part Whole models. We have been representing a whole number with people and then counters. We then drew our own part whole models and found related number facts.   
Science- Weather Detectives
We have been making weather observations. We made rain gauges and left them on the balcony to collect rainwater. We predicted how many scoops of rain we might collect . After 3 days we measured how much rain had fallen. Some of us collected more than 10 scoops which was more than we had predicted. It had rained very hard!
We have also made wind sockes to measure wind direction and wind speed. We have used a simple beaufort scale to record our findings.
We are reading stories about Cornish Piskies. The Piskies have exciting adventures involving giants, mermaids and miners. In one of our lessons, we turned ourselves into Piskies by crawling through a magical cave. We have described what we looked like in our writing. We used adjectives to make our writing more interesting.
My Piskie name is Gracie.
I have little blue eyes.
I have curly hair.
I have spiky ears.
By Gracie.
My Piskie name is Mali.
I have small purple eyes.
I have golden hair all the way down to my toes.
By Mali
My Piskie name is Shae.
I have rainbow eyes.
I have rainbow glittery hair.
By Shae.
Enjoy reading our Mermaid of Zennor stories...
We have been learning to sort objects into groups using different criteria. We sorted ourselves into groups of children wearing jumpers and children not wearing jumpers.We sorted our resources into cubes and pegs. We then went outside and collected lots of sticks to sort into groups. Look at our sorting pictures below!
                              Seasonal Science
In Science, we are investigating seasonal changes. We have hunted for Autumn in the school grounds , written daily weather reports and harvested apples. Watch this space for our weather station work.
We have picked apples from our orchard and cooked apple snacks. We learned how to slice the apples thinly and safely! We sprinkled cinnamon and ginger on the slices and baked them slowly.We ate some of of our tasty apple snacks at break time and took some home to share with our families. They were delicious!