Class Information Year 1 2021-22

Year 1 Teachers 
Mrs Rebecca Olive & Mrs Fleur McPherson
Year 1 Teaching Assistants
Mrs Addey and Mrs Averre,
Mrs Stone and Mrs Bushell

Year 1 timings

                     The Year 1 entrance door will open at 8:45                  
Anyone arriving after 8:55 will need to sign in at the school office
Lunch 12.00-1.00
Finish: 3.30pm-Collect from the court
PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays. On these days, your child should wear leggings, joggers or shorts and trainers with their Kea School jumper, cardigan or PE hoodie.
Please ensure your child brings their own named water bottle and a waterproof coat every day 
                                                          Year 1 Book Recommendation                  
This is one of our all time favourites that has truly stood the test of time.
Sophie and her Mummy are having tea in the kitchen when in walks a hungry tiger who asks to stay to tea. After eating everything, he moves on to Daddy's supper... 
You can borrow a copy from your local library or follow this link:
Remember,  you can also choose a book to read from our
lovingly chosen book list below. 

                                                Spring Term 1 Topic – “Food”

This term we will be learning about Food. We are launching our topic with a food themed activity day when we will be food tasting, carrying out a food survey, making soup or pizza toppings and printing patterns with fruit and vegetables.

Throughout the term we will be learning about the food produced in the four countries of the UK and more locally in Cornwall. In Science we will learn about our bodies and how they have changed since we were babies. We will investigate how to eat healthily, explore our senses and discover how some people manage without one or more of their senses. In art we will make our own dinner place mats, using food printing techniques. We will learn how to look carefully and draw the shapes, colours and pattern on the outside and inside of different fruits and vegetables. Finally we will produce our own Archimboldo collages. 

In Literacy we will be reading and writing our own versions of "The Tiger Who Came To Tea", "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" and many more "Food" related stories. We will learn how to write recipes using our "Talk for Writing" techniques. Look out for our writing on this page.

In maths we will be naming, sorting and recognising 2D and 3D shapes, mastering the place value of numbers 0-20, including the value of tens and ones parts of numbers. We will add and subtract numbers between 0-20 and master the place value of numbers 0-50. Please see our Maths Parent Overview for more information and support.

The Year 1 Food Magazine!

To celebrate our learning, we will be producing a food magazine containing food related stories, recipes food artwork and scientific information about food. We look forward to sharing our publication with you at the end of this term.


A Dazzling Start!
In Year 1 , we had a super introduction to our new food topic on Friday 7th January. We peeled, chopped and sliced vegetables for a tasty soup. Once it was made, we all tried it and it was delicious!  We also tasted five flavours of food and carried out a survey. Finally, we read a lovely story about making an apple pie with ingredients from around the world. It was a perfect way to round off our "food day".
We are now really excited to learn more about food in the coming weeks.
Look at our previous learning !
Autumn Term 1 and 2 2021
Autumn 2   Our Topic is "Winter Festivals"
How many Winter festivals and celebrations can you name
from the pictures below?

In Humanities, we will be learning about the story of Guy Fawkes, why we mark Remembrance Sunday, other celebrations (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries) what Jewish people believe, the Jewish festival of Hannukah, the Nativity story and we hope to be able to visit Kea Church either virtually or in person.


Our Science topic will be a study of materials and their properties. We will be sorting, classifying and describing the uses of different materials, discussing where they come from and whether they are renewable.

Please see our "Curriculum Overview" on parent letters and overviews page

for more details about our topic. 

We continue to teach phonics daily through the RWInc scheme.
Please see the link  below for more RWInc information
We love reading at Kea and in Year 1 children's reading is a absolute priority. Their reading progress allows the children to access the curriculum  with greater independence and improve their communication and language skills. In addition, reading can be a fun and an imaginative time for the children, opening doors to all kinds of new worlds for them. This term we will be discovering the joys of sharing, reading , learning and performing poetry.
In our writing we will create some descriptive poems of our own. We will read the book “The Jolly Postman” and discover the purpose and format of greetings cards and letters. We will write letters to another class and to Father Christmas. We will listen to and re-tell the Nativity story, re-writing part of it in our own words.
In maths we will be learning about addition and subtraction to 10, learning parts and wholes of a number, how to find a missing number in an addition or subtraction sentence, the number fact families, number bonds to 10 and finding the difference. 
To support your child's maths learning at home, we have created a "Parent Maths Overview" with ideas and activities linked to each of these concepts (see our "Letters and Overviews" page)
Our Topic is "Clothes"
What are your favourite clothes? 
What would you wear to a party?
What would your wear in the snow?
What would you wear on a hot day?
I wonder what people used to wear a long time ago?
Do people around the world wear the same clothes as we do?
Please see our "Topic Overview" on the "Class Letters and Overviews" page for more detailed information or click on the link below.
Victorian Clothing at Flambards 
We Visited the Victorian Village at Flambards to explore clothes from long, long ago. We discovered the rich Victorian ladies wore long dresses because they did not want to show their legs! They wore lace collars to keep their necks covered and very beautiful hats. The poorer ladies wore pinafores over their dresses to keep them clean. It was easier to hand wash the cotton pinafore than the heavy dresses. The rich men wore suits and top hats. Other men wore their work clothes with leather aprons to protect their clothes. The children wore a different school uniform to ours. The teacher dressed differently too!
                                               Blackberry Picking

On Monday afternoon Year 1 went blackberry picking. The children were very excited and picked plenty of juicy blackberries from the brambly hedges. On Tuesday morning we used our blackberries to bake delicious blackberry muffins. The children are now able to explain where some of our food comes from and how we can use our local produce to make a variety of different foods.

Thank you to Mr Michel for allowing us to use his field and a big thank you to all the parents and carers who kindly came to help.


October 2021 Year 1 Science

Year 1 have been learning all about the weather and seasons. We learned that the sun rises from the East and sets in the West and that shadows get longer in the early morning and late afternoon. We experimented with shadows, using torches and our hands to make different animals. We held the torch closer to make a small shadow and further away to make a longer shadow.