Class Information

Welcome to Year 5!
We are a passionate, enthusiastic and intelligent class who love to learn. In particular, we love it when our learning is fun, has a purpose and inspires us to be the best. Successful is what we aim to be, so we do this by keeping the following areas as our focus, in everything we do:
In our PSHE lessons we have been thinking about which areas we would like to improve upon in addition to the qualities above. We have decided to work on:
Taking a risk

Welcome to Year 5

Teacher:       Mrs Drzymala 

Teaching Assistant: Mr Cotterill, Mrs Averre, Mrs Evans


A smile & a 'thank you' can go a long way! 
In art lessons, P.S.H.E and English speaking & listening lessons, we have been working on our class target of 'kindness and appreciation'.
We have discussed how a smile can make all the difference, how holding the door open and helping others, goes a long way and how we should never ever take for granted what others do for us- especially our families- especially the small everyday things.
So please help us with our quest to make the world a better place each day by returning a smile, giving someone a compliment or saying a well done, helping with a chore at home, passing on a favour or simply saying 'thank you!'  
Art work...on its way!
Year 5 Roles
We are now becoming experts at our roles in Year 5 and are making an impact across the school.
Our recyclers have shown real initiative and are reducing waste by giving classes feedback and advice. They have started a competition, where classes can win an extra treat for the least amount of recycling in the school over a half term. They even come into assemblies and discuss this with their peers!
Our J.R.S.O's have been keeping the car park a safe place to be - even when it has been pouring down with rain- showing real dedication. 
First Aiders have been keeping children calm and getting them treated quickly and efficiently by the adults whilst providing a smile and reassurance.
Playground buddies have helped our youngest children settle into Kea School life easily and have been setting up assault courses and games whilst ensuring no child is alone. They even make sure the shed is kept clean and tidy!
Our groundsmen have been ensuring the school is clean and tidy but are having their first meeting with Mrs Hunkin this week to discuss ideas they have to transform the school grounds. 
A huge well done to you all- you are making us proud!
Fun-tastic Filtering!
As part of our work on changing materials during science, we have started to look at filtering. It was good to remind ourselves that like the Victorians over a hundred years ago, there are still many people in the world who do not have access to clean drinking water. We looked at a water filtering plant video about how our water is cleaned and purified in the U.K, ready for drinking, and then put this knowledge to good use by planning how we would clean dirty water ourselves. We had step-by-step guides and filtering systems made from sieves, cotton wool, filter paper and even our class marbles! Here were our results- we were pretty impressed with ourselves- what do you think? 
Autumn Term 1
'The Victorians'
This term, Year 5 will be learning about the truly magnificent Victorians. As part of this wonderful topic, the children will be learning about Queen Victoria, key events including education and the lives of children at that time; the amazing exploration, engineering and inventions and will visit Lanhydrock House.
Take a look at links to the grammar we have been learning this term!
Lanhydrock Trip
We had a fantastic time at Lanhydrock House where we got to see a real Victorian family home. We also got to see how the 'upstairs' and 'downstairs' lived! Discovering a bread oven which took 4 days to reach optimum temperature, to numerous kitchens run by the cook- Mrs Candy, discovering the tragic but heroic life of the eldest son to secret trapdoors and lots of grandfather clocks! We learned lots.
Marble Treat
It was no surprise that Y5 achieved their first marble treat so soon as they have been working very hard. Last week, to end 'National Recycling Week', we had a recycling day. No...we didn't spend the day taking the rubbish out; we spent the day finding new ways to recycle more unusual things!
Firstly, we created some excellent pieces of Victorian art using recycled materials we could find within the classroom- watch this space- they have a hidden surprise!
Then we went on a scavenger hunt around the school to collect as much 'rubbish' as we could find to create some 3D sculptures to spread the word about recycling.
Lastly, we thought about food which often doesn't get used in time and ends up in the bin. We created some excellent recipes, which we had to then make and try...
'Hands on History'
Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic session last week when we got to handle and discuss real Victorian artefacts with help from The Royal Cornwall Museum. Some of the objects were easy to identify but others had us stumped (adults included). Can you guess the objects from the photos?
Our key questions were:
  • What do the think the object is and what was it used for?
  • What is the object made from?
  • If the object exists now, how is it similar and how is it different?


Evaporating Milk and Fantastic Freezing!
We have started our experiments for solids, liquids and gases this week. We discussed what we already knew about evaporation and freezing and then formulated questions about investigations where we do not know the answer in advance. We decided to test...
Which type of milk evaporates the fastest?  
(milk, chocolate milk, almond milk, coconut milk & soya milk)
How long do liquids take to freeze?
(washing-up liquid, hot sauce, orange juice, vinegar, PVA glue, fizzy drink, salt water, slime, egg yolk, cake batter, egg white & food colouring)
We discussed which variable we would have to change and which variables we would have to keep the same in order to carry out a fair test.
Year 5 Chart Competition
Well done to Baxter and Declan who won the Year 5 reward chart competition where the children had to design a new unique behaviour chart. The boys were particularly impressive when they decided to combine their original ideas after both won. They then worked with a team of children chosen by themselves to re-produce it on a bigger scale.
Year 5 Roles and Responsibilities
All children have now been told which jobs they have received and are being trained by their managers. Mrs Hunkin gave the children feedback and said she was very impressed with the standard of writing and passion shown. As promised, here are a few, of  the many impressive letters.
In maths we will be starting our Year 5 curriculum with 'Place Value'- the value of numbers. To learn more about place value please use the links below as well as continuing our work on times tables and quick recall of maths facts.
Mrs D wants you to stay safe!
Remember our rules for safety when using the WWW. Only use the search engines you know are safe and stick to websites where you know the information is reliable. If you need help with your research or want to have assistance in finding the information quickly; come along to Homework Club during Monday lunch.