Class Information

Welcome to Year 4

Class Teacher: Mrs Baker 

Teaching assistants: Mr Moyse and Mrs Angilley 

Video welcome to our new Year 4
September 2020

Maths Magic


Arrays are helping us with our times tables. We have found lots in school. Where have you seen arrays?

Year 4 Science - Sound


In our science lessons we have been learning about sound. We have been busy with experiments to explore sound, including: bouncing lentils on drums to see the vibrations associated with sound, making string telephones to vibrate our voices along the string to our partners, making stringed instruments and straw flutes to investigate pitch and conducting experiments outside to prove how volume and distance from a sound source are linked.


Check out this link andbe inspired to make instruments from your recycling...

Year 4 February Half Term
There is no additional homework being sent home this half term, but we hope you will practice your multiplication tests and keep up with your daily reading.
Enjoy the time off school catching up with friends and family, perhaps exploring new places or trying new things.
See you soon, Year 4 team :)
Spring Week 5
Year 4 Multiplication test 
As per your homework sheet, please use this link for multiplication practice using the 6 second time frame.  
Digits on the keyboard can be used or the ones on the screen with a mouse.
Science in Year 4 - Delightful or disgusting digestion?
Congratulations to the class for carrying out a digestion experiment - you were all so well behaved and worked extremely hard in your small groups.  Prior to the holiday, we learnt about the human digestive system and the different functions of human teeth.
Today, we used household materials, food and drink to reenact what goes on between our mouths and our bottoms.  Essentially, we mimicked the digestive system and turned food and drink into poo.  We used scientific vocabulary to describe the process and made comparisons between every day language and the household materials / equipment used.
Enjoy the photos to see our hard work in practice and our write ups.
Spring Term 1
Welcome to Roman Britain
In Year 4 we will be learning about how the Ancient Romans invaded and changed Britain.  We will look back at some of the battles when the powerful Roman Army fought against Celtic tribes, particularly the Icini and their Queen Boudicca.
Look at our class overview to see our learning in more detail.  The term will begin with a Roman entry point day when you will learn about the Roman numerals, Gods, music and catapults.
The term will come to a close by celebrating all we have learnt by sharing our findings at a Roman Banquet.  the music you have created will be played, we will taste some traditional Roman food and debate whether or not the Romans improved or impoverished Britain.
Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 4.  We hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends.  Several of you have shared some of your New Year Resolutions, so we look forward to hearing more.
Keep an eye on our class page for updates and on the 'letters' sections for notifications of events and our half term overview.
All the best wishes, Year 4 Team 
Year 4 Homework - 13/12/2019
Please be aware that the only homework Year 4 have this week is to learn the song words for the Christmas Carol Service.
Many thanks, Katie Bray
Children In Need
Today as a school we celebrated the charity Children In Need.  We wore our own clothes (a selection of superheroes, pyjamas, role models and sports kit) and paid a donation to Pudsey to help children who need help and support.
We met Pudsey on the playground and we followed a Joe Wicks (the Body Coach) exercise video to keep our hearts pumping and promote healthy lifestyles.
Thank you to the BBC for organising these special videos with Joe Wicks, we found them hard work, but good fun!
All of us at Kea School hope that this year the fundraising help many more children and their families to have the support that they need to make their lives a little less challenging.
Thank you School Council, Mrs McPherson, Pudsey, Parents/Carers, children at Kea School and Children In Need for all your efforts to make today a success.
Festivals and Faiths. 

Our topic for Autumn Half Term 2 is 'Festivals and Faiths'. Year 4 will be learning all about Sikhism including: the holy book, key figures and stories from the religion. Once we have learned about Sikhism, we will be looking at the similarities and differences between Sikhism and Christianity. 
Year 4 visit to Lanhydrock
What a wonderful experience to walk through the rooms of a grand Victorian house.  How many kitchens did one family need?  How many living rooms?
Respectfully walking along the corridors, we met members of the national Trust team and members of the public.  We were flabbergasted that the children had their own wing.  Did you know the Robartes had a live in Nanny? 
After lunch, we were shocked that they had a school room upstairs, their own private church and an enormous hall that had intricate carvings on the ceiling. 
It was such a treat to visit all areas of the house.  Aren't we lucky!
Victorians - villains or victors?
Only week two and we have learnt so much already.  

We are delighted that all of us have started the year so well. What a treat for us to study the Victorian era - an era of invention and revolution!  So many comparisons to make with a large quantity of differences.  We have been looking at images and poetry to describe the Victorian age, but the children find it tricky to really grasp how different day-to-day life was.

To help us, we will be sharing clips from the Oliver (1968 version) and would like to show them the rest of the film through this half term.  
An example is that we have been singing the song 'Consider Yourself', so we linked this to our literacy and used this clip from the film below to identify the differences of high streets, dress, shopping etc.
Parents, if you have any concerns or queries about us using this film please let us know.
The children are realising how lucky they are to grow up in the 21st Century rather than the 19th or 20th Century!
We have been reading the Horrible History book 'Villainous Victorians' to help us decide whether the Victorians were Villains or Victors...
Times Tables 
Use the links below to make times tables enjoyable, interactive and exciting!

Practise your times tables up to 12x12 and remember to challenge yourself with the 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x and 12x tables. You can do it! 
Autumn Half Term 1 - The Victorians 
Miss Reeve and Mrs Bray hope that Year 4 have enjoyed their summer holiday! We are very excited to begin the term learning about the Victorians! We will be learning about what life was like during Victorian times and how it is different to our lives today. We are especially looking forward to our trip to Lanhydrock to explore the magnificant Victorian Country House! 
Update for Summer Term...
This weather has been a wonderful treat for us over the past week and made Sports Day even better!  We were careful to drink lots and seek shade when we could.
Rehearsals for the Year 4 dance are under way and we are enjoying getting to know the production 'Hoodwinked' a little better (no spoilers though).  Remember tickets are now available!  Miss Reeve has been impressed with our singing and is excited for the production.  What an occasion it will be!
In ICT we have been deigning our own park area which has brought our imaginations to light.  There are a few slide Mrs Bray would like to slide down.
In Maths we have moved on to decimal work, so we are glad we feel confident with our fractions and can see the links between the two aspects of Maths.  Keep practising those tables Year 4, they are so useful!
Tomorrow we will be developing our digital map skills to identify the features of locations around the world.  The focus is to understand how food is distributed to us, but where has it travelled from?
Next stop will be creating our own maps and making preparations for our field work walk.
Summer Term 2 in Year 4.
We are learning about the World's Weather.  Our focuses will be: the role of water; geography maps skills (including grid references and field work); and comparing some UK regions with European Regions.
These websites could help you learn more at home.  We will practise singing this 'catchy' song to help us learn the Water Cycle Enjoy!  This second website will help you understand the cycle in more detail:
Watch this space for photographs from our work, both in class and from home...
Communication, communication, communication!
Going back in time to 1066AD to learn how communication has evolved has been mind boggling.  Did you know that people used to use fire, smoke, large nets, pigeons and dots and dashes to communicate?
Well, we have been learning all about it.  From smoke signals to semaphores, beacons to home pigeons, Porthcurno's first telegraphs to fibre optics!  We were all amazed that somewhere so close to our school was where international communication was developed. 
One of our favourite lessons was turning off all the lights, closing all the blinds and using our flash lights to try and share secret messages to each other using Morse code.  We were so well hidden that we gave Mrs Tucker and Year 6 a fright when they came into the hall for their dance lesson!
As some of you probably know, the Morse code was also used for telegrams so we merged our humanities with science and made circuits with buzzers.  Year 4 classroom was 'a buzz' with learning as we 'buzzed' our dot and dash messages to our partners.  Sorry Mrs Evans if we gave you a headache!  The lesson was a huge success though and the challenges of interpreting Morse code became very evident!
Miss Reeve and I hope you are enjoying all of this sunshine, not to mention your culinary challenge!
Summer Term 1 in Year 4
We have only been back at school for three weeks, but we have already crammed lots in.  Scroll through and see all that we have been learning...
Entry Point Day we went back in time and looked at how things have changed since Pre-historic Britain, including Monarchs, clothing and houses.  We split up into our house teams and worked alongside other year groups.  
During the day we completed Art activities to create this wonderful timeline that is now on display in the hall.  Thank you Mrs Green for organising the timetable and thank you to all the teachers for organising the various activities we completed.
After that, we also had our Big Write were we all chose a text type we wanted to create (including poetry, a story, play script and newspaper article) all about TOYS!  It was a wonderfully cuddly day, filled with milk button eyes, furry coats and even some jack in the boxes.
We read some wonderful stories, heard some narrative poetry and even sang along to some of our favourite TOY films.  You cannot celebrate TOYS without mentioning TOY story and Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang! 
What a fabulous day, thank you Mrs Olive for organising and to all the teachers for preparing all the activities.
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Day 2 afternoon at BF Adventure 
The sun shone for us this afternoon so we enjoyed our activities in our t-shirts and some children even went for a swim.  Ivy took the plunge to retrieve the wooden plank needed for bridge building, Leighton reached out a little too far and Ava, Xavier and Poppy thought 'why not?'
Group 2 completed Adrenaline Quarry and Group 1 tried their hand at climbing.
A huge thank you to Mrs Bray, Mr Moyse, Mrs Lightfoot, Mrs Averre and Miss Warren to taking us on the trip.  A special thank you to Miss Reeve for coming to see us even on your day off!  We had a wonderful experience and feel more prepared for Camp next year.  We cannot wait!
Day 2 - BF Adventure
Cabin points were close after the first inspection yesterday, but after a nights sleep and some more sleepy than others this morning their is a chase to see who will win the overall best cabin prize!
Breakfast was another feast prepared by Mrs Lightfoot.  Cereal, toast, bacon, eggs and beans. What a wonderful way to start our second day.  
Mr Moyse entertained us with a game of Splat before our instructors arrived.
Group 1 canoed and Group 2 completed the challenged laid out in Adventure Quarry.
It is now lunchtime and we are enjoying some egg, tuna, chicken or cheese rolls; crudites of peppers and carrots; fresh fruit; and if we were still hungry a cheeky packet of crisps or chocolate bar.  
Camp News
3 May 2019 -Day 2
Good morning from BF Adventure! 
Everyone had a great day yesterday carrying out activities and eating delicious pasta, cake and custard cooked by Mrs Lightfoot. This was followed by talent show and camp fire.  Miss Reeve sadly, had to leave but she would have been proud of our camp fire singing!
Most children were asleep by 10.30 and the majority slept through the night. A beautiful morning today. Quiet chatter coming from most of the cabins by some are still sound asleep! Liking forward to bacon and eggs for breakfast followed by another action packed day! K. Warren
Day 1 afternoon at BF Adventure
Group 1 have been scaling the rock by learning to b-lay, be a spotter, a climber and a rope keeper.  The challenge was waiting in anticipation for your turn and to keep your eyes on the rope even when you wanted to watch your friends reach for their next hold.  Well done to everyone you got higher than they thought, and a huge congratulations to those who were not sure they would climb at all.
Meanwhile, Group 2 were learning how to dab and floss mid air on the zip wire.  Miss Warren and Miss Reeve joined which was an added bonus.  Who knew our head teacher could fly?
The low ropes were a challenge, because you were close enough to step down from the balance points, but we knew we weren't meant to!
Year 4 Camp at Bishops Forum 
Day 1 - the beginning
Thank you to all our families for helping the children arrive on time.  We welcomed Twinkle our bus driver and thanked him for taking us to BF Adventure.
Some of us (Group 2) started by Canoeing, whilst Group 1 went on the Zip Wire and Low Ropes.
We met our instructors and had a fun-filled morning, albeit a little windy and chilly at times!
Lunchtime now and we are all digging into our packed lunch prepared at home - thank you again to our families for ensuring everyone had their food and drink in their day bags!
Let's hope this afternoon will be as fun...
Ancient Peoples 
Throughout this half term, we will be learning about "Ancient Peoples" from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will learn about how they lived their lives and how this changed over time from the Stone Age to the Iron Age . Also, we will discover what their homes looked like and how they gathered food to survive.  
In literacy, we have been writing exciting 5-part stories! "Om" is a young man living in the Stone Age who needs to provide food for his weak mother "Gam". Will Om be able to provide his mother with a satisfying meal during these difficult times? Will he be fearless and spear a wild mammoth or catch a deer? Read our amazing stories to find out! 
The Voyage of the Mystery

During this term, Year 4 will be learning about a special voyage made in 1854/1855 by seven Cornish men who sailed from Cornwall to Australia! The journey was completed in a Cornish lugger called 'Mystery'. 
As part of this topic, we will be visiting the Maritime Museum in Falmouth where we will be able to see a replica of a Cornish lugger. 
In literacy, we have been learning about Narrative Poems which are poems that tell a story. Year 4 have written some amazing Narrative Poems about the 'Voyage of the Mystery'! 
Winter Celebrations and Christmas in Europe! 
Miss Reeve and Mrs Bray hope that everyone enjoyed their half term break!

Our topic for the second half of the Autumn Term is Christmas in Europe! We will be looking at the  celebrations and traditions of Christmas in various European Countries.
Vad en behandling!
As part of our Christmas in Europe topic we have been learning about the Swedish festival of St Lucia.  This festival is based on a story that has been told for generations, in fact it dates back to when the Monks brought Christianity to Sweden.  
Saint Lucia was a very kind, generous lady who gave food to those who were in need.  In December, daylight is very short in Sweden so St Lucia used candles to help light her way.  When she delivered the food she wore a headdress with candles on it, so her hands were free to carry all the food.  The traditional food they bake to celebrate is Lussekatter which translates to saffron buns. Due to our fantastic Christmas Fayre being set up, we could not cook these delicious treats, but we enjoyed the challenge of making them the corrrect 's' shape out of plasticine.
Year 1 and Year 4 brought their learning together to make these special headdresses for all the Year 1 girls.  As per the tradition, we made the Y1 boys a Stjarngossar which literally means star boys.  Yes, you guessed it, these are hats with stars on.  The Stjarngossar stand during the festivities.
We look forward to next week, when we will act out this special procession through the play ground. LyckligSt Lucia dag!
Enjoy looking through our photographs...    
Best wishes  Mrs Bray, Miss Reeve and Mrs Olive
Ancient Egypt
Miss Reeve and Mrs Bray are looking forward to the year ahead with Year 4 after a great start.
Our first topic of the year is Ancient Egypt! So far we have made a class mummy and canopic jars during our launch day. We are going to be exploring this enchanting ancient world full of engineering, suppositions and some rather gruesome rituals.
Egyptian Recipes 
In DT, Year 4 put their cooking skills to the test by making Flat Bread, hummous and Baba Ganoush based on our topic of Egypt. Everyone was brilliant and we all enjoyed feasting on our creations! 
Royal Cornwall Museum
As a class, we visited the Ancient Egyptian exhibit at the Royal Cornwall Museum. It was brilliant! Lots of exciting learning took place during our visit including learning about a 2,600 year old mummy called Ast Tayef Nakht, who was a carpenter and priest. Using drama, Year 4 re-enacted Ast Tayef Nakht's journey into the afterlife with a weighing of the heart ceremony. Also, we all became archaeologists and got to handle Ancient Egyptian artifacts!
Summer Term in Year 4

We are looking forward to this term as we teach world geography, linked to the World Cup theme, and as we prepare for the Key Stage 2 production: Treachery at Traitors’ Quay. This will involve every child in year 4 singing and dancing to support the year 6 class, who act out the play. We hope to have lots of outdoor lessons, if the weather stays kind, as we will be learning about living things and their habitats in science. There will also be lots of PE and sports lessons outdoors.


Year 4 Camp

 At the start of May, Year 4 enjoyed their school camp to BF Adventure. The children participated in activities including climbing, adventure quarry, zip wire and canoeing. They really embraced all the challenges and supported each other well. They also enjoyed camp life, including having fun with their friends in the cabins, a camp fire (with songs) and a talent how. Morgan said the best part of school camp was the canoeing because they had a race and he splashed his friends! Lewis J’s highlight was 'Y4's Got Talent' because he won with his impressions. An amazing time was had by both children and staff.  We hope you enjoy looking at some photos from their camp.

Our World War Two Displays
Year Four's Blitz Poetry Book
In literacy, we have been learning about the threats to the climate and environment and we have been thinking about how we can become more sustainable in the way we live. In ICT, we made posters to persuade people to make good choices for the future of the world.
Spring Week 4
Boudicca video 
As explained on the homework sheet.