Class Information

Welcome to Year 3
Class Teachers: Dr. Carey and Mrs. Green
Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Morgan (HLTA) and Mrs. Stone (HLTA) 
Welcome to year 3 September 2020
It has been lovely to welcome you all back to school after such a long break. We hope you are all raring to go and up for the new learning adventure that is Key Stage 2!
Our topic this term is a history one, it's all about the Tudor and Stuarts and the people who lived in those exciting and scary times! 
Why did Henry VIII have so many wives? 
What was the Great Fire of London?
And why was it so smelly in Tudor times?
Let's find out.....
Focus on Literacy
During Literacy this term, we will be reading the book "Tudor Tales – the actor, the rebel and the wrinkled Queen." This will help us to learn about writing settings and character descriptions.
Later in the term, we will be trying our hands at writing reports all about Tudor England.
Focus on Maths
In maths during this half term, we will be learning about numbers up to 1000 including putting them in order, adding them together and subtracting them from each other. 
We will also be practising our 2,5 and 10 times tables.
Our KIRF (Key Instant Recall Facts) is adding numbers up to 20 this will be practiced every day using our muscle maths cards. You can find the first card below if you want to practise at home.
Lockdown Learning!
If you have ever wondered how a combine harvester works, then you are about to find out! Read Louis' explanation (below)

At the air show of hero’s I saw ...
Five sleek golden Jet planes
zooming across a light Blue sky

At the air show of hero’s I saw ...
Seven giant grey helicopters
Hovering in front of a big angry explosion

At the air show of hero’s I saw ...
Thousands of people
Cheering when they saw a jet plane


A lovely poem by Daniel 


Read this lovely poem by Lewis

Do not feed the Animals


Please never give snakes

chocolate cakes


or puffins

blueberry muffins


Never forget chimpanzees

detest pasties


and not to give horses

more than two courses


Never offer a shark

anything in the dark


or a hedgehog

a spicy hot dog


But above all

do not allow a mouse to eat…

your house!

                                                                                                                        By Lewis

Look at this great powerpoint by Issey, It's all about life in lockdown.
Read this amazing story by Bea.
She has entered the county competition for writing a Cornish myth or legend.
Good luck, Bea!
We are currently working on writing non-chronological reports, here are some excellent examples of this kind of writing
Roman Soldiers
Rome was founded 2800 years ago.  The Emperor was like the King of Kings.  The brilliance of the Roman army was the key to Rome’s success in building its empire. In the beginning, the soldiers were the better-off citizens who were sent home at the end of the war.  As Roman power grew, more and more people were made to join the army.

The Romans copied Greek armies and fought on foot with long spears

The soldiers had short sleeved t-shirts, with a tunic that gives no protection, so on top of that they had a Lorica Segmentata – overlapping iron strips which gave better protection. Underneath they wore wool leggings for the cold.  Leg guards known as greaves, would be useful too, but they’re only for officers (to show rank).

They also had a helmet, with large bits left uncovered which was bad as then the enemy could stab them easily.  Helmets were lined with wool or linen padding as the helmets were built with rivets which rub.

On their feet they wore sandals, or Caliage.  They were made from different thicknesses of leather.

Roman Soldier’s Weapons

The Roman soldier’s weapons were a javelin, used to attack enemies at a distance, a dagger used for close combat, and a short sword called a Gladius, for general fighting. The sword was light weight and good for stabbing quickly.

The Standard Bearers were special soldiers who carried the Roman Legion’s standards and emblems into battle.

I love all of the interesting facts about Roman soldiers Daniel  (the labelled diagram is great). 


Last week I set you the challenge of making a musical instrument and then writing instructions on how they were made. Here are some of your brilliant results!
How to make a shaker
You will need:
Plastic bottle
Blue pen
What to do:
1. First take the lid of the bottle
2. Tip the squash out of the bottle
3. Make sure the bottle is not wet
4. Then take the label off
5. Start to fill the bottle with the macaroni and pasta but only fill it up a quarter of the way
6. Screw on the top tightly
7. Cut 12cm x 24cm of the paper
8. Write NHS on the paper in blue pen
9. Finally stick the paper on the bottle
Top Tip - Screw the lid on because everything will fall out when you shake it!
We like Joseph's very clear instructions and the organised way he has set them out.
If you have drums it's amazing.  If you don't have drums, that doesn't matter because you can still make a sound with paint boxes.  Please make sure that neighbours don't get angry! 
Thank you so much for reading
We liked Sayan's top tip about the neighbours!
Year Three have been doing an amazing job with their home learning and I have very much enjoyed reading their work. Here are some of the highlights!
Some great word choices from Louis make his writing fun to read.
On the ship Daniel and Sayan were looking at their treasure map. They own four cats and two dogs their job is to guard the treasure.  
Twenty five minutes later Daniel saw another pirate ship through is telescope.  Daniel realised it was a pirate ship coming to attack the Jolly Roger.  However, the Jolly Roger's crew had not time to set up for battle, yet the Coombe crew were coming in fast.  The choices were die or get captured and walk the plank "fight" Daniel said "we have to protect the treasure and help the crew and I will protect the treasure with the cats and dogs." 
We liked that Daniel builds the tension as the pirate ship approaches. 
Strolling around the court yard, the children slowly started to wander around the passages.  The Trystan blurted out "I want to look for this thing in the castle!"
"Well, got to get prepared first!"
After a few good minutes they got all the things they needed and set off through the musty, dusty and old castle.  Tiptoeing they got as close to the noise with a distance of comfort.  Suddenly Evie ran around the corner.  Everyone tried to stop her but it was too late. 
We liked that Sebbie uses lots of different sentence types in this exciting part of his story.      
So they had extra time.  Time was running out, they only had two minutes left, they had to do something...
New Zealand had the ball and scored, but the lines man had the off side flag up.  Reuben grabbed the ball and sprinted into the oppositions half.  Reuben dodged past the last defender and scored the winning try.  One minute later the match ended and Reuben was the man of the match!
We really liked that Reuben really builds the tension in this part of his story, a really great action sequence. 
One sunny morning on Mill Farm, a group of small, grey birds woke up grumpy.  They took up their usual position on the power cables and began bickering with each other. They were then interrupted by a large bird they had not seen before.  The bird was tall, slim and had a mane of hair.  He looked quite different to the small, plump birds. 
We really liked the great description in this setting by Jude.  He places a clear picture in the readers head. 
Flying through the sky lot's of boisterous noisy blue birds flew onto a black wire on a sunny day, they flew onto the wire one by one. Four minutes later they were all on the wire and all shouting and chatting with each other! The birds were pocket sized, speedy and loud!
We really liked that Luca used lot's of different sentence types to make his writing interesting.  He described the birds so well. 
After working for a whole entire morning, the space ships were fixed.  Although, when Leon got in his space ship he was excited to see his friends but was sad to say "goodbye." When he flew off Earth he waved goodbye to the green slimy alien.  Then when he got back to his friends he told them about the adventure he had.          
The End
Scary yet exciting!
We really liked the super use of conjunctions and a great ending by Leon.
The blue birds quietly looked at one another.  "If we hadn't been so mean, we wouldn't be the ones looking silly," thought one of the chicks.  "Yes you're right," agreed one of the others, as they shivered from the cold.  With that, big bird took them under his large wings, to keep them warm.  The little chicks remembered laughing at the bird for being big, but were now grateful for it.  The little chicks had learnt not to be so mean and not to judge other on the way they look.
We really liked the way Bella ended her story with a clear lesson and showed the reader how the little birds had changed. 
But suddenly there were monsters. “Oh no” said Steve.
“We need to run away” said Alexa
“Let’s go under the water “ said Alexa
“And under the sand” said Steve.
The zombie and the creeper went under the water, then they found the sand. They dug and dug.
"Let's get out of here!" said Steve
"There's a hill" said Alexa,
"Let's get up there," said Steve.
We really liked the way the characters work out together how to escape the monsters, Sayan makes good conversation here. 
The captain of this mission was called Captain Bar, with the name of the ship being Millennium Penguin. Also on board was the pilot Miss T who once was a cat called Kit Kat and an army of small robot soldiers called Smarties.
The Millennium Penguin set off across the Galaxy and Milky Way to Planet Chop. On Planet Chop their supply of chocolate was guarded by mean looking robots called Yorkie.
We loved Dudley’s space story about a planet of chocolate. See how many references to chocolate you can see in his writing – very clever, Dudley!
All there feathers flew off and the large bird landed on his head then he bumped and landed doing the splits and all of his feathers settled. Then, a little bird landed on the floor naked and the big bird started laughing. All of his friends fell and the big bird laughed even harder. They all looked at themselves and ran behind the big bird – who laughs last laughs best!
There’s a very clear moral to Tammy’s story, I like the way she finishes with an old proverb.
Mr Wage wanted to join them and did so. Flying over Mr Wage landed in the middle of the teasy birds. “You’re squashing us,” said the bird pacing viciously and landed at Mr Wage’s toes, he dropped off the wire with one toe left on. Mr Wage hit the ground all of his bird feathers came off and the little bird was embarrassed and ran into the corner wall where nobody could see him.
We liked the way Finn starts his sentences with a verb.
One sunny hot day in Canada a grumpy miserable bird called Wrelit landed on an electric wire. Then another bird called Ricky landed next to Wrelit. Ricky wiggled his tail and the other bird yawned. Wrelit said “go away your arm pits are smelly.” All the other birds then flew over onto the same wire and started arguing. A little blue bird called Bluey came over and said “hello” politely to Wrelit and his friend.
A great setting here, from Riley, he describes the main character clearly.

Welcome to Year 3

Class Teacher: Mrs Green      

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Morgan

Our Class

I hope you all had a good half term break. Our new topic for this half term is "Maps and Mapping". We will be finding information on maps, learning to read them and having a go at making our own maps. We will talk about aerial views and use the internet to look at how maps are made. We will be comparing a rural with an urban area, and writing balanced arguments about which would be the best place to live.

Later in the term we will be looking forward to Easter. Returning to our world religion focus of Judaism, we will be looking at the celebration of Passover and the story behind it. We are hoping for another visit from Mrs. Berg to deepen our understanding. We will also be visiting Kea Church to participate in an Easter workshop, using this to examine the links between Passover and Easter and comparing the beliefs of Jews and Christians on the subject.


Focus on Literacy
New topics for this term will include writing a traditional folk tale set in a different country, and writing a balanced argument as to whether it is better to live in Brighton or Kea.
Our first writing project was a story about boggarts. Not sure what a boggart is? We can explain.
We created our boggarts and built houses for them on the field. Examples of boggart stories can be seen below.
Focus on Maths

In maths this term we will be working hard on learning tables. The National Curriculum expectation for Year 3 is that children should know the 3,4 and 8 times table in addition to the 2,5 and 10s learned in Year 2. Any help parents can give their children at home to learn their tables will be very much appreciated.

Our KIRF for this term is the 3 and 4 times table facts. We will be using these in our maths lessons where we are learning to multiply and divide two digit by one digit numbers.

We have been writing poems about Harvest. Watch our video to find out more.
Focus on Science

The science topic is on rocks and soils. We will be learning to classify rocks and developing our scientific skills through testing them. We will be learning about the great fossil hunter, Mary Anning and having a go at making our own fossils!

Focus on RE
During the Autumn Term, we spent some time investigating the religion of Judaism. Mrs. Berg (Aeryn and Rhys' grandmother) came in to talk to us about what it is like to be Jewish. We also looked at how and why Jews celebrate Hanukkah. Finally, we shared our knowledge with the rest of the school and learned from them a little about the world religions we will be looking at further up the school.
Focus on Humanities
Our topic on Victorian Children is now complete and we have learnt so much! We had an exciting visit to Lanhydrock House where we found out a lot about the lives of the people who lived there. We compared the lives of the children of the house with those of the young servants who worked there.
We hope you enjoyed our "Great Exhibition" in the school hall. Below, you can have another look at the amazing writing done in Year 3 about Victorian school life following our historical detective work around the Victorian building.
Look out for some pictures of our recent work on Roman Britain which we will be posting soon.
 Bluebell was scared she wanted her sister. When she began to look around she realised where she was in the greedy goblin wood, that’s when she saw him. Bluebell knew the goblin would like to eat a fairy. That’s when she started to scream “help help.”
We loved the way Poppy shows us clearly how her character is feeling at this tense point in the story.
Photos from home....