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Welcome to Year 3

Class Teacher: Mrs Green      

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Morgan

Our Class

Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year. The class have made a good start to the term and are excited about our new topic which is all about the Romans in Britain. We will be getting our hands on some genuine Roman artefacts courtesy of the Royal Cornwall museum and doing some research into life in Roman Britain. One of the stories we will be examining is that of Boudicca, using this we will debate whether the Roman invasion was a good or bad thing to have happened.


Focus on Literacy
New topics for this term will include writing a science fiction story during which the children will learn about inverted commas and paragraphing.
Our second topic will revisit work done earlier in the year about report writing as we write a report on Life in Roman Britain based on the term's topic.
Our first writing project was a story about boggarts. Not sure what a boggart is? We can explain.
We created our boggarts and built houses for them on the field. Examples of boggart stories can be seen below.
Focus on Maths

In maths this term we will be working hard on learning tables. The National Curriculum expectation for Year 3 is that children should know the 3,4 and 8 times table in addition to the 2,5 and 10s learned in Year 2. Any help parents can give their children at home to learn their tables will be very much appreciated.

Our KIRF for this term is the 3 and 4 times table facts. We will be using these in our maths lessons where we are learning to multiply and divide two digit by one digit numbers.

Focus on Science

The science topic is on keeping healthy and we will be learning about how our bones and muscles work and how to keep them healthy. We will also be talking about food and checking out the "eat well" plate as we investigate different food groups and what we should be eating.

Focus on RE
During the Autumn Term, we spent some time investigating the religion of Judaism. Mrs. Berg (Aeryn and Rhys' grandmother) came in to talk to us about what it is like to be Jewish. We also looked at how and why Jews celebrate Hanukkah. Finally, we shared our knowledge with the rest of the school and learned from them a little about the world religions we will be looking at further up the school.
Focus on Humanities
Our topic on Victorian Children is now complete and we have learnt so much! We had an exciting visit to Lanhydrock House where we found out a lot about the lives of the people who lived there. We compared the lives of the children of the house with those of the young servants who worked there.
We hope you enjoyed our "Great Exhibition" in the school hall. Below, you can have another look at the amazing writing done in Year 3 about Victorian school life following our historical detective work around the Victorian building.
Focus on Science
Mr. Palmer has been teaching the children about pollination and the children created their own posters for homework to explain what this meant. We will be using these posters in our explanation writing over the next couple of weeks. Here are some of the posters.
Stop Press!
Spelling updates.
You will notice that spelling lists coming home in the homework books look a little different this term. We have a new scheme of work for spelling. The groups remain the same, but some children have a few more words to learn than others. All children are participating in the same lesson which focuses on the spelling objectives in the National Curriculum for Year 3.
Focus on Maths
The second half of the summer term involves work on measures. One of the things children find difficult to grasp is telling the time. Please help your child at home by directing their attention to the clock regularly and asking the time. Children should be reading both analogue and digital clocks at this stage.
The muscle maths cards are going well and the children are rushing to beat the clock every day. The new KIRF (Key Instant Recall Fact) for this term is number bonds to 100 involving numbers ending in 0 or 5, eg 35+?=100. These can be practised at home, in the car on the way to school, or anywhere you like. Just give your child a number and see how quickly they can return the number bond.
Focus on Literacy
Last term, we looked at instruction writing, diary writing, story writing and balanced arguments. Here are some examples of our best work.
This term, we will be looking at poetry, so look out for some of our poems appearing on the website.
Focus on RE
We have been studying Judaism. We are very lucky to have had two visits from Liz Berg (Aeryn and Reece's grandmother) who taught us all about Shabbat and Hanukkah.
Our Ancient Egypt topic from the Christmas term was enjoyed by all. 
Focus on Art and DT
Last term, we were visited by pupils from Tregolls school to do some joint DT work. We also produced some amazing art work which was exhibited at Trelissick Gardens as part of their apple week celebration
As part of our PSHE lessons, we looked at smoking and the damage it an do. We also tried to think of ways to educate people about smoking and persuade them not to start. Here are our posters.